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Michigan Beer Vacation

welcome michi

This year’s KBS tap room release day, just so happened to coincide with my Spring Break.  And since we were already going to be driving 4 hours to Grand Rapids, Michigan, we figured, why not go a few days early and drive the extra 2 hours up to Traverse City.  Our plan was to hit North Peak, Right Brain, and Shorts.  A few days before we were supposed to leave, I also read on Facebook that Kuhnhenn, which is sort of near Detroit had cases of their Raspberry Eisbock on sale.  So, we added that stop to our trip.  Add in a couple…

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North Peak Vicious

North Peak Vicious American Wheat IPA

This American Wheat Beer tastes much like an IPA.  The wheatiness is not overly present.  Without the classification on the bottle, I would not have identified this as a wheat beer.  Even though this is a relatively hoppy beer, it is very smooth and light for being almost 7% alcohol.  Which means, make sure to pay attention if you are drinking more than one of these.  They go down quick.  There is a nice back of throat hop bite that lingers a bit at the end. If you enjoy IPAs, this is a great one.

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