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Michigan Beer Vacation

welcome michi

This year’s KBS tap room release day, just so happened to coincide with my Spring Break.  And since we were already going to be driving 4 hours to Grand Rapids, Michigan, we figured, why not go a few days early and drive the extra 2 hours up to Traverse City.  Our plan was to hit North Peak, Right Brain, and Shorts.  A few days before we were supposed to leave, I also read on Facebook that Kuhnhenn, which is sort of near Detroit had cases of their Raspberry Eisbock on sale.  So, we added that stop to our trip.  Add in a couple…

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Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Fest 2013


Wow!  Michigan sure knows how to put on a beer festival.  If you ever have the opportunity to purchase tickets to this event, do not hesitate.  This year they sold out in 13 hours.  I will definitely be trying to score tickets for next year’s festival.

The Location

Grand Rapids is the perfect city for a beer festival.  With tons of breweries and craft beer bars, beer lovers didn’t have to look far to find options for events on Friday night, Saturday morning, and Saturday night after the festival.

We chose to attend a Bell’s Brewery Tap Takeover at The…

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Tickets or Lines?

kbs line

Beer releases can be quite a controversial topic.  Ask multiple beer lovers what their preferred way to score beer at a release is and you will most likely receive two very differing opinions.  The two strong contenders in the beer release debate are tickets vs. lines.  Obviously the beer at a release is sought after, or there wouldn’t need to be a release to purchase bottles.  So keep that in mind while we talk about the pros and cons of each.  Of course, I have my own opinion, so while I will attempt to be fair, my personal bias will most likely be involved.


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Founders Devil Dancer – Day 20

devil dancer1

Devil Dancer is a Triple IPA.  What does that mean in layman’s terms?  This beer will blow you away from all sides.  A 12% ABV beer with 112 IBUs.  Need I say more?


Founders Devil Dancer

Over a year ago, I tried this beer for the first time.  I only had two words to describe the taste…”liquid marijuana.”  The massive hoppy bite and the huge malt presence just seem to taste that way to me.  Not that I’ve ever had liquid marijuana, nor that it even exists.  I’m just guessing. It smells as if you just pulled the hops…

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The (Potential for) Idiocy at Beer Releases


What were you doing on March 10, 2012? I was one of about 750 people standing in line outside of Founders Brewing Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on a balmy 28 degree morning waiting to hopefully score some KBS. KBS is currently the 11th most popular beer in the world, as rated by Beer Advocate.

Let me set the scene of the day, in case you’ve never had the sheer glory of attending a beer release or standing in line prior to a beer festival. The release of Kentucky Breakfast Stout is an event each year. The brewery releases KBS…

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Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout (CBS) Brewery Release

Founders CBS Imperial Stout Label

Picture Black Friday. Now picture it again with 850 adults, mostly men, who have been drinking since the night before and are still drinking as they wait outside of a building on a brisk 37 degree morning. And unlike Black Friday, you can’t go to any other location for this particular item.

What am I talking about, you ask? I am describing a beer release when the brewers only choose to bottle a small quantity of a very rare beer.

I initially thought my husband was joking when he informed me that we would be heading to Grand Rapids and…

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