Brasserie de Silly – Scotch Silly

scotch silly

Okay, so they got me.  I ordered this beer for the name alone.  I am not a huge fan of Scotch ales to begin with, only liking a few.  So, it wasn’t necessarily their fault, but my own for choosing this beer.  And to be honest, it wasn’t terrible.  But it certainly didn’t make me giggle or laugh in any way, which was disappointing.

In my opinion, many scotch ales simply taste like scotch ales. I can describe their flavors with the following terms: burned sugar, toffee, sweet, boozy.  Scotch Silly is just the same.  There was nothing overly…

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Victory Braumeister Pils


Every once in the while, I crave a good Pilsner.  And good ones, are often hard to find.  Victory does a great job with their Braumeister.  This beer is extremely smooth and not really any bite from the hops. Each sip starts off with a hint of lemon and then ends with that earthy bitterness a great pilsner has.   The intense flavor was appreciated as sometimes pilsners can be flavorless.  Braumeister is on the light side with only 5.5% ABV.  If you enjoy earthy flavors and aromas, then this is the summer beer for you.  Unlike many beers, I don’t suggest…

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Two Brothers – Resistance


I had this beer from a bottle last summer and thoroughly enjoyed it. So when I saw it on tap on my local watering hole, I was excited to have another glass.  Unfortunately, I was a bit disappointed.  Resistance is described as an oak-aged IPA with a hoppy middle and an oaky finish.  Neither I, nor my friend who sample with me, got any oak, either is taste or aroma.  The beer actually was pretty harsh.  There wasn’t much flavor until about 30 seconds after swallowing each sip.  And then the bitter hop bite took over my palate.  This was definitely not…

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Ballast Point – Big Eye IPA


As a huge fan of Ballast Point’s Sculpin IPA, I was prepared to be a bit underwhelmed by Big Eye.  That is far from the case.

Big Eye starts off with an earthy, bitter taste.  While sampling Big Eye, I had a few other IPAs lined up to taste and this one was darker, more of an amber than golden in color.  As it warmed up, not much changed.  This beer is just pure West Coast hops, without blowing away your tastebuds by overdoing them.  As a fan of the West Coast hop style, I enjoyed it.  I still prefer Sculpin,…

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Columbus Brewing – Bodhi


I am in love with this beer.  Being a huge fan of citrusy hops, I constantly order the Bodhi.  If it’s on tap, I’m getting it, pretty much without fail.   Bodhi is a DIPA, so I can’t really put it in the same category with the other IPAs that I review.  That would be like comparing Kelly Rowland to Beyonce.  While they were both in Destiny’s Child and Kelly on her own is a fine singer, there is just no comparison between the two and there probably shouldn’t be.  This beer does so much right.  That citrusy hop smell would be all I need…

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B. Nektar – Zombie Killer (Cherry Cyser)

Zombie Killer

I’m going to be honest.  I’m not normally a huge fan of mead.  Every time I think of mead, I envision large, hairy Vikings sloshing beer from huge silver mugs onto their trenchers of goat meat and into their beards.  Whether this is an accurate depiction or not, it is so clear in mind that I can hear their chanting above all else in the room.  Zombie Killer is not that kind of mead.

Zombie Killer is not thick and syrupy like many meads I’ve sampled.  Instead it semi-reminds me of cherry cola that I used to drink as a…

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Ithaca Excelsior! Thirteen


This beer is described as a double hoppy wheat, which led me to picture a summer beer good for sipping on the patio.  Not so.  This is definitely a fall beer, as it is not light.  There is a crisp citrusy finish that is perfect for a cooler evening.  Its taste resembles an IPA more than a wheat beer.  There is that clear bitter hop finish that is prevalent in all IPAs.  The aroma is piney, while the flavor is citrusy due to orange and lemon peel being added during the brewing process.  Even though this one goes down really…

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Founders Dirty Bastard

Founders Brewing Company Dirty Bastard Scotch Style Ale

This beer is classified as a Scotch Ale.  Most scotch ales have a reddish hue and have a malty richness at the end.  Some of them are overly smoky or have a unique spice flavor that I think resembles weeds.  Most times, I don’t go for this type of beer.  Some are great and some are bad, but I don’t always want to take that chance.  Dirty Bastard is the best scotch ale that I’ve had the pleasure to sip and falls into the great category on the spectrum of scotch ales.  It is overly malty with what I identified…

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Stone 15th Anniversary Escondidian Imperial Black Ale


I’ve been a huge fan of black IPAs this year.

This is one of my favorite IPAs, including the American and Indian more common varieties.  It is so unique in flavor and all-around texture, aroma, and mouth-feel, that it almost falls out of the category.   This is thicker than your typical IPA, but not so thick as a stout or porter.  It has a coffee, chocolate and caramel flavor, similar to what is often found in stouts, in addition to the hoppy finish that lingers.  15th is not overly bitter though.  The hops perfectly match the initial sweetness.  While there…

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Nogne O Peculiar Yule


I would like to stop and warn you.  I’ve had this beer in a bottle in two different locations this past winter.  The review below describes my first tasting.  My second tasting was not similar at all.  I’m not sure if I had an old bottle at the second location, but all of the things that made this beer delicious were not present in that second bottle.

This beer is an amazing replica of Christmas.  The smell and flavor conjure up images of decorating the Christmas tree.  While this is a piney beer, it isn’t bitter, but more…

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