Start Hopping - A Beginner's Guide to Beer

Craft Beer Substitutions for Macro Brews


When I was in college, Bud Light was my beer of choice.  I wouldn’t say it’s because I enjoyed the flavor, but mostly because it was cheap and easily accessible.  After college, I graduated to Miller Lite.  This switch mostly occurred because I thought that Miller Lite had fewer calories.  Again, it wasn’t the taste I was enjoying, simply the ability to procure it, consume it, and not pay too much for it.  But finally, and thank goodness for this hallelujah moment, I discovered what “good” beer tastes like and I haven’t looked back (except to get my Lite Weight…

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These are a Few of My Favorite Beers

A drawing of glasses of beer!

I thought I’d post a list of my favorite beers. This list is always changing, but these are all sure-fire bets for your enjoyment. If you have any favorites, post below and let me know what to look out for!

Preferred ALWAYS beers

I could literally drink these beers everyday for the rest of my life and be content. When these beers are on the menu at a restaurant or on the shelf in the store, I cannot resist. I have not ranked them in any order because I can’t decide. Happy tasting!

  • Dogfish Head Burton Baton
  • Brew Kettle

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Beer and Food Pairing Events

The table is set for a Beer Dinner!

Another great place to sample some different kinds of beer (without being afraid of choosing a dud) is a beer pairing. I’ve been to beer pairing dinners and beer pairing brunches. Either is a fabulous choice, although beer with breakfast calls my name.

With a beer pairing, either the brewer, a beer representative, or the chef choose meals and beers that perfectly complement each other. While the costs of many of these events can be pricey, I’ve never attended one that wasn’t worth it (though some have been really steep). The food is always fabulous, even if the restaurant doesn’t…

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Tips for your First Beer Festival

A Group of Friends at a Beer Fest

A beer festival can be a great place to try new beers.  In a bar or restaurant, it can be difficult to try something new.  If you don’t like it, do you drink it anyway? Ask for a new drink knowing full well you will have to pay for both?  Pass it off on your date?  Whichever choice you make, someone is going to be disappointed.  At a beer festival, you are only served a small portion of each beer and if you don’t like it, you can always pour it out and try something new.

The great thing about…

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Beer Terminology 101


Don’t know the difference between an IBU and an IPA?  No worries, we’ve got your back!  Here’s a list of some terms you’ll need to know to get started in the wonderful wide world of craft beer.  We’ll continue to update this list as we think of new things to share!

Beer Styles according to the Hop Bunnies

We picked several “buckets” for our reviews because they make it easier to navigate our site.  Be aware, some beer “purists” will tell you there are hundreds of styles, but we want to keep things fun and simple.  Here’s the way we…

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