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Surly Coffee Bender – Day 6


Mondays are the worst!  It doesn’t matter how early I go to bed on Sunday or how busy I am during the day, I am always destroyed when I get home from work on a Monday.  Often that means by 8:30 I am asleep on the couch, much to Steve’s chagrin.  My other, more preferred option, is napping.

If there was such a career, I would definitely be a professional napper.  If there was a super-power of napping, I would be a member of the Justice League.  I’m not sure how that would entail me to fight crime, but that is what…

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Southern Tier Phin and Matt’s Extraordinary Ale – Day 5

phin matt

It’s Sunday.  And Sunday at my house means one thing…Tremont Taphouse. 

Every single Sunday since October 2010, Steve and I have gone to the Tremont Taphouse for brunch and sometimes/many times have stayed for dinner.  This is the story of our lives.

When we wake up on Sundays, we read the paper, have some cereal, drink some coffee, maybe exercise, and then head to the bar.   The rest of the day is devoted to the art of drinking and whatever goes.  Some days we stay a few hours, have some brunch, drink some beers, and then head out…

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Perennial Artisan Ales Homefront IPA – Day 4


A lot of breweries these days are creating some unique concoctions.

  • Twisted Pine Brewing in Colorado brought Ghost Face Killah to the world, which is brewed with 6 different peppers including Habanero and the Ghost Chile.  Imagine chugging straight out of a bottle of hot sauce. Liking hot things, I actually enjoyed sampling this one.
  • Dogfish Head is always searching for new things to try.  One of their more recent attempts, Ta Henket, went very wrong in my opinion, but you have to give them credit for going for it.  Ta Henket was brewed using an ancient recipe which calls

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Lagunitas Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale – Day 3


Since I told you my biggest fear on day 1, let me tell you something that I am not worried about during this journey.  Even though a majority of the 365 beers will be consumed in my living room…

I am not worried about a lack of beer in the house. 


My husband loves beer.  And is evidenced by the picture to the right, we have a cellar to prove it.  I will be honest.  Much of that cellar is my fault.    I simply don’t drink at home, unless we have people over.  So, Steve either has to…

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Dogfish Head Burton Baton – Day 2


Today is IPA Day!  Do you know what that means?  It means I get to drink an IPA.  Ha ha ha!  I prefer IPAs anyway, so many days for me are IPA Days.

However, because it is IPA Day, some of my favorite local establishments are running some great tap handles, including one of my favorites (for nostalgic reasons) – Burton Baton.

I was really into craft beer for about 8 months and I still couldn’t choke down an IPA.  Steve kept trying.  Every time he had a glass, he would shove it my way and beg me…

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Hop in the Dark – Day 1


I know, I know.  It’s been done.  Just google “365 days beer blog” and you will get a bunch of hits.  But this one, will be different.  I know again.  You’ve heard that before.  But I actually mean it.  In my search, I found that the majority of the beer-a-day blogs simply offer reviews of the beer.   There is no back story, this is no outside information, there is no person behind the review.  Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but I find that incredibly boring and there is no way I could read 365 days of just that.  While I do plan to drink…

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Craft Beer Substitutions for Macro Brews


When I was in college, Bud Light was my beer of choice.  I wouldn’t say it’s because I enjoyed the flavor, but mostly because it was cheap and easily accessible.  After college, I graduated to Miller Lite.  This switch mostly occurred because I thought that Miller Lite had fewer calories.  Again, it wasn’t the taste I was enjoying, simply the ability to procure it, consume it, and not pay too much for it.  But finally, and thank goodness for this hallelujah moment, I discovered what “good” beer tastes like and I haven’t looked back (except to get my Lite Weight…

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Alpine Beer Company

Alpine logo

If you are ever in San Diego, you absolutely need to make the 40 minute drive out to Alpine, California.  I am even going to be so bold as to say if you are in Los Angeles, it is well worth the 2 hour and 45 minute drive to experience the Alpine Beer Company in all its glory.

My husband and I spent the beginning of June on a brewery tour of the Los Angeles/San Diego area.  Steve’s itinerary (he is an engineer, after all) had us visiting 7 different breweries, including some big names like the Bruery, Firestone Walker,…

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Fat Head’s Head Hunter

head hunter

Head Hunter has so much hype around it, winning a Silver and Bronze Medal at GABF in 2010 and 2011 respectively, and being awarded the Brewing News‘s National IPA Champion in 2012. I have had this beer many times and I can tell you that it is definitely worth it. If you don’t have the luxury of having Head Hunter in a store near you, I suggest finding somewhere to get it. This is one of those citrus and piney hoppy beers that I love. It has a crisp, biting flavor that turns a bit earthy as it lingers. …

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Fat Head’s Sorcerer


I have to say that this is one of the first craft beers that I absolutely loved from the start.  It might have something to do with the fact that this beer is 9% ABV and back then 2 knocked me for a loop.  But more likely it is due to the malty sweetness that emanates from this beer after each sip.  There is a licorice aroma and a spice taste that lingers.  The initial tastes can be boozy, but as this beer comes to room temperature it smooths out.  The booziness disappears, the mouthfeel becomes smoother, and the…

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