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Terrapin Boom Shakalager – Day 55


Disclaimer: Let me start by saying that the review of this beer places no fault on the brewer.  I was fully aware going in that this beer would be well past its prime.

Terrapin is a really cool brewery.  Here are just a few things that I appreciate about Terrapin Brewing.  Make sure to visit their website for even more information. http://terrapinbeer.com/

1. Their labels - A cartoon turtle graces the label on a majority of Terrapin’s beer.  On each label, the turtle is participating in some sort of activity or scene in which the beer’s title is clearly recognizable.

2. The beer names…

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Victory Braumeister Pilsner

Victory Braumeister Pilsner Logo

Yes, I am reviewing another pilsner in my quest to appreciate a style I don’t care for much.  Victory’s Braumeister Pils is an unfiltered Pilsner.  The color is bright, yellow, hazy straw and gold.  There is very nice lacing on the glass.  It’s very promising so far.  The smell is Pilsner malt, sweet cracker and a touch of grain with some bread sweetness to top it off.  The mouthfeel is wonderful.  There are tons of bubbles, it’s light and dry.  Braumeister Pils is very dry and refreshing!  I taste the Pilsen malt and grain to begin with.  There is definitely…

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Victory Braumeister Pils


Every once in the while, I crave a good Pilsner.  And good ones, are often hard to find.  Victory does a great job with their Braumeister.  This beer is extremely smooth and not really any bite from the hops. Each sip starts off with a hint of lemon and then ends with that earthy bitterness a great pilsner has.   The intense flavor was appreciated as sometimes pilsners can be flavorless.  Braumeister is on the light side with only 5.5% ABV.  If you enjoy earthy flavors and aromas, then this is the summer beer for you.  Unlike many beers, I don’t suggest…

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Three Floyds Jinx Proof

Three Floyds Jinx Proof Lager

I love beer, but that doesn’t mean that I love every beer style out there.  Pilsners are one style I just can’t really get into.  I don’t know if it’s because of the Pilsner malt or just it seems boring to me.  But for the sake of reviewing I have opened my mind and palate and tried it.

The Jinx Proof is a “Dortmunder Lager” Pilsner style brew that comes in at a 5.1 ABV.  It’s clear gold with a touch of amber around the edges.  I would almost compare the color to a Budweiser or Miller, but it has…

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