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Eagle Rock Populist – Day 22


As a woman who loves beer and wants other women to also enjoy beer, I love what Eagle Rock Brewery is doing. In 2009, a husband, wife, and father team opened up Eagle Rock in Los Angeles.  Ting Su, the co-founder has since started a woman’s forum that meets monthly to drink and talk about beer.  I was excited to read about this aspect of the brewery.  Craft beer is a booming industry and women need to be involved.  I wish I lived near LA to be a part of this forum on a monthly basis.  If you live near LA,…

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Ommegang Witte – Day 21


Yesterday, we went to a beer dinner.  This one was unique in a few ways.  The Ommegang brewery representative, Matt, wanted a more informal setting.  There were no seats, just tables to stand around.  The courses were small and some of them didn’t even require utensils, although I really could have used a fork when my chicken tacos fell apart.  And, there weren’t beer samples.  Instead each attendee received a bottle of each beer.  We’re talking 5 courses and 5 bottles of beer.  The price…$35.  Matt told us that he wanted to make sure we got our money’s worth.  At…

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Founders Devil Dancer – Day 20

devil dancer1

Devil Dancer is a Triple IPA.  What does that mean in layman’s terms?  This beer will blow you away from all sides.  A 12% ABV beer with 112 IBUs.  Need I say more?


Founders Devil Dancer

Over a year ago, I tried this beer for the first time.  I only had two words to describe the taste…”liquid marijuana.”  The massive hoppy bite and the huge malt presence just seem to taste that way to me.  Not that I’ve ever had liquid marijuana, nor that it even exists.  I’m just guessing. It smells as if you just pulled the hops…

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Goose Island Juliet – Day 19


I’m certainly not having a problem drinking at least one beer a day.  Yesterday, I had 4 different beers.  But I am sometimes having a problem with wanting to write.

Sunday is usually a pretty relaxed day in our household.  We wake up whenever (although it’s usually around 7:30), sit around for a while, read the paper, maybe exercise, and then head out to our bar.  I call it our bar because we have been there every Sunday for the last two years, minus 2-3 times when we weren’t in the state.   We get brunch, possibly stay for dinner, and…

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Stone 16th Anniversary Ale – Day 18


Many breweries have anniversary ales.  Weyerbacher just released its Seventeen, Firestone Walker will be releasing it’s XVI at the Great American Beer Festival, and Ithaca Excelsior! Fourteen came out in April.  Those are just a few of the many. Some breweries began making anniversary beers at a significant date, such as their 10th anniversary.  Others have been making it since they opened, or pretty darn close.

Stone began making anniversary ales for their 2nd anniversary. There isn’t a single review available for the 2nd anniversary ale (that I could find anyway).  The only reason I know it exists is because it…

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Super India Pale Ale Collaboration – Day 17

super ipa

Collaboration beers are an interesting thing.  They can be created in a variety of ways.  Sometimes recipes are shared/developed between breweries and the resulting beer is brewed at each location, thus making a slightly different taste depending on where it was brewed.  Saison du Buff is one example of this kind of collaboration. Victory, Stone, and Dogfish Head all brewed this beer at their own facilities.  I haven’t tried this year’s version yet, but Dogfish Head was the best out of the 3 last year.  Then there are beers that are created in one brewery but have been made with the assistance…

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Duvel Belgian Strong Ale

Kishimoto Duvel Glass

The color of this beer is gold and hazy straw.  There is an amazing billowing head and awesome lacing that sticks to the kick-ass Eley Kishimoto Duvel glass I got at the Winking Lizard this past fall.  Not to get of topic from the delicious brew, but if you get a chance next year, do the mini Duvel tour for the glasses, the beauty of the art of this fine glassware is spectacular!  Continuing on, it smells like Belgian yeast and there is a touch of…

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Victory Braumeister Pilsner

Victory Braumeister Pilsner Logo

Yes, I am reviewing another pilsner in my quest to appreciate a style I don’t care for much.  Victory’s Braumeister Pils is an unfiltered Pilsner.  The color is bright, yellow, hazy straw and gold.  There is very nice lacing on the glass.  It’s very promising so far.  The smell is Pilsner malt, sweet cracker and a touch of grain with some bread sweetness to top it off.  The mouthfeel is wonderful.  There are tons of bubbles, it’s light and dry.  Braumeister Pils is very dry and refreshing!  I taste the Pilsen malt and grain to begin with.  There is definitely…

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SanTan Brewing Devil’s Ale

San Tan Brewing Logo

One of the great things about having family that lives out of town is traveling and trying as many new beers as you can.  We are lucky in Ohio that a ton of breweries distribute here, but not all of them.  My parents live in Arizona so my husband and I go visit every year.  We make a point to visit all of the bigger breweries and even some smaller ones.  We also stop at some of the larger better beer stores and the ones that are off the beaten path.  We usually end up coming back to Ohio with…

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Maui Brewing Mana Wheat – Day 16


Tonight, I’m going dancing.  My husband is in a band, actually a really good bad.  And I’m not just saying that.  So when his band plays at a fun venue and my friends are there, I’m definitely going to be dancing.  Therefore, when choosing a beer, I needed to make sure that I wasn’t drinking something that was heavy and would sit in my stomach like a rock.  I also didn’t want a high ABV beer.  When I opened my fridge, the perfect beer revealed itself to me.

Maui Brewing Mana Wheat

 Wheat beers are generally a bit lighter and…

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