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Abita Pecan Harvest Ale – Day 52


Okay, so I ordered this beer knowing full well that it probably wasn’t going to blow me away in terms of flavor, but I was hoping that it might surprise me.  Abita makes a full line of beers, but the only one I have ever seen on the shelves or at a bar is Purple Haze.  Purple Haze is not a bad beer for anyone who is just getting into craft beer.  It is a raspberry wheat, so there isn’t really any hop presence, it is relatively light,  is low in alcohol (4.2%),  and has the sweet carbonation flavor of…

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Stillwater Artisanal Ales Holland Oats – Day 34


Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays.  I realize that in the plethora of holidays, Labor Day doesn’t seem like it should be anyone’s favorite, but I thoroughly enjoy it.  First, working in a school, Labor Day signifies a 4-day week at the very beginning of the year, when one is truly needed due to the high stress levels of starting a new year.  Second, usually Steve and I do absolutely nothing on this glorious day off.

Unlike other holidays where there is travel, large amounts of food, family time, etc., Labor Day is normally spent at home with just…

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Great Lakes Oktoberfest – Day 24


Last night Steve and I went to a new event at our local zoo.  The Cleveland Zoological Society instituted a Date Night at the Zoovies soiree.  A ticket provided the customer with unlimited beer and wine, appetizers, and a movie on the big screen in one of the Amphitheaters.

Two of the zoo areas were open and a few animals were out and moving.  Actually, the weather was really conducive to animal movement.  The lion was walking around, making chuffing noises.  The rhinos (mom and baby) were playing and chasing geese that had found their way into the enclosure, and the kangaroos…

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Surly Coffee Bender – Day 6


Mondays are the worst!  It doesn’t matter how early I go to bed on Sunday or how busy I am during the day, I am always destroyed when I get home from work on a Monday.  Often that means by 8:30 I am asleep on the couch, much to Steve’s chagrin.  My other, more preferred option, is napping.

If there was such a career, I would definitely be a professional napper.  If there was a super-power of napping, I would be a member of the Justice League.  I’m not sure how that would entail me to fight crime, but that is what…

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Founders Dirty Bastard

Founders Brewing Company Dirty Bastard Scotch Style Ale

This beer is classified as a Scotch Ale.  Most scotch ales have a reddish hue and have a malty richness at the end.  Some of them are overly smoky or have a unique spice flavor that I think resembles weeds.  Most times, I don’t go for this type of beer.  Some are great and some are bad, but I don’t always want to take that chance.  Dirty Bastard is the best scotch ale that I’ve had the pleasure to sip and falls into the great category on the spectrum of scotch ales.  It is overly malty with what I identified…

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Surly Coffee Bender

Surly Coffee Bender Label

For the longest time, Surly and another brewery called Oskar Blues were two of the few micro brewers that canned their beers.  Now, the country is being invaded by aluminum vessels, and even some of the big brewers like Sierra Nevada, Avery and New Belgium are canning their beers.  I guess that means Surly is a brewery of trendsetters.  When you see a can, remember, it doesn’t mean the beer inside is bland.  This can is better than most bottles out there.

Just remember to use a glass!  I poured the contents in a snifter so I could really taste…

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