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New Holland Black Hatter – Day 12

black hatter

My Grandpa always told me that to cure a hangover I needed the “hair of the dog.”  And while I wish I would have actually had a beer from the Hair of the Dog Brewing Company out of Portland, I do have to agree with my grandfather.  Drinking a beer truly helped settle my  disaster of a stomach after last night’s delicious ridiculousness.

At our regular Sunday drinking establishment, I viewed the beer menu with a bit of fear and trepidation.  I wanted something light, not too hoppy, not too thick, not too anything really.  I wasn’t sure what my stomach…

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Russian River Row 2 Hill 56 – Day 11


Sorry about not writing yesterday, but I definitely drank a beer.  In fact, this picture shows what 4 of us consumed yesterday.  That is probably why even though I’ve been up since 7:30 AM, I just couldn’t bring myself to write (or sit up) until now (11:00).  I did just about inhale a greasy egg and cheese sandwich about 10 minutes ago though, which helped tremendously.  My belly doesn’t hate me anymore.  At least not at the moment.  The last thing that I want to do today is drink another beer, but such is this challenge that I’ve set for myself.  Damn me…

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Stone 10th Anniversary Ruination – Day 10

ruination 10

Back in June, Steve and I flew out to San Diego.  We drove up to Paso Robles and back down the coast to hit 10 different breweries in 7 days.  One of those breweries was Stone.

Let me begin by saying that Stone is absolutely gorgeous.  Like most breweries in California, Stone is located in a commercial strip.  We passed the building the first time around because there is no sign.  It simply looked like a new office building.  It was a good thing Steve makes very detailed maps.  Walking in to Stone, it is hard to even realize that a brewery is located…

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Fort George Vortex IPA- Day 9


As I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve been reading this blog, I am a huge IPA fan.  But there is a problem with IPAs that is necessitating me drinking so many.  The hop bit simply doesn’t last.

IPAs must be consumed as close to the bottling date as possible.  If you see an IPA on the shelf and the date is more than a few months old, I would definitely pass.   I realize this is a generalization, because some last more than a few months, but I wouldn’t chance it.  To be honest, even a few weeks makes a difference for some…

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Firestone Walker Double Jack – Day 8


I had a terrible day today.  Work was depressing, my allergies were acting up, something is wrong with the brakes in my car, I didn’t have what I needed to run an errand (which I didn’t realize until I was already there), and to top all of that off, I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before.  I don’t about you, but when I am over-tired, things often seem worse and can build up to push me over the edge pretty quickly.  Consequently, as I was driving home from work today trying to figure out what terrible…

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Green Flash Palate Wrecker – Day 7


I first sampled this powerhouse of an IPA at a Barleywine festival last winter.  That last statement seemed odd, I am sure, so I will do my best to explain.  If you are a fan of barleywines, you know they have a strong, sweet, rich flavor.  Imagine sampling 15 barleywines one after the next.  After a while, my palate got tired, the barleywines began to taste cloying, and I simply couldn’t drink any more.  The high ABV of barleywine also led to my decision to have a seat and take a break for a while.  At this point, a great friend stopped at the table and plopped…

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Southern Tier Phin and Matt’s Extraordinary Ale – Day 5

phin matt

It’s Sunday.  And Sunday at my house means one thing…Tremont Taphouse. 

Every single Sunday since October 2010, Steve and I have gone to the Tremont Taphouse for brunch and sometimes/many times have stayed for dinner.  This is the story of our lives.

When we wake up on Sundays, we read the paper, have some cereal, drink some coffee, maybe exercise, and then head to the bar.   The rest of the day is devoted to the art of drinking and whatever goes.  Some days we stay a few hours, have some brunch, drink some beers, and then head out…

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Perennial Artisan Ales Homefront IPA – Day 4


A lot of breweries these days are creating some unique concoctions.

  • Twisted Pine Brewing in Colorado brought Ghost Face Killah to the world, which is brewed with 6 different peppers including Habanero and the Ghost Chile.  Imagine chugging straight out of a bottle of hot sauce. Liking hot things, I actually enjoyed sampling this one.
  • Dogfish Head is always searching for new things to try.  One of their more recent attempts, Ta Henket, went very wrong in my opinion, but you have to give them credit for going for it.  Ta Henket was brewed using an ancient recipe which calls

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Dogfish Head Burton Baton – Day 2


Today is IPA Day!  Do you know what that means?  It means I get to drink an IPA.  Ha ha ha!  I prefer IPAs anyway, so many days for me are IPA Days.

However, because it is IPA Day, some of my favorite local establishments are running some great tap handles, including one of my favorites (for nostalgic reasons) – Burton Baton.

I was really into craft beer for about 8 months and I still couldn’t choke down an IPA.  Steve kept trying.  Every time he had a glass, he would shove it my way and beg me…

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Hop in the Dark – Day 1


I know, I know.  It’s been done.  Just google “365 days beer blog” and you will get a bunch of hits.  But this one, will be different.  I know again.  You’ve heard that before.  But I actually mean it.  In my search, I found that the majority of the beer-a-day blogs simply offer reviews of the beer.   There is no back story, this is no outside information, there is no person behind the review.  Maybe it’s because I’m a girl, but I find that incredibly boring and there is no way I could read 365 days of just that.  While I do plan to drink…

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