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Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Snowed in Stout – Day 61


Sierra Nevada holds a Beer Camp in Chico, California every summer.  In order to attend this camp, you must create a video and submit it to Sierra Nevada who chooses 10 contestants to join them at their camp.

At camp, contestants learn all there is to know about Sierra Nevada’s beer facility and production.  They also have the opportunity to brew beer and learn about the intricacies of the brewing process.  Campers choose which beers will be brewed at the end of the camp. These beers are released to the public for consumption.

If you are interested in learning more about camp or…

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Founders CBS – Day 60


Last night, Steve and I attended a pumpkin party.  All food and alcohol was required to be pumpkin-based.  And while I copped out a bit and simply made some pumpkin snickerdoodles, (desserts were definitely the easier route to take) there were some exceptional entrees and side dishes as well.

I had a large bowl of pumpkin chili with pumpkin sour cream that was fantastic.  I know my friend Sara has lots of leftovers if she reads this and is willing to share, I would be happy to help her out.  Another friend made an exceptional pumpkin risotto.  Had he arrived…

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Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout – Day 59


I have guilty pleasures.  I know that you do too.  Today, I am going to list some of mine.  Let’s begin by defining a guilty pleasure.

In my opinion, a guilty pleasure is something that you enjoy that others will think less of you if they knew.  It is something enjoyed in the private of your own home or vehicle.  If you share your guilty pleasure with others, it is highly possible you will become the butt of all jokes for the remainder of the evening.  And yet, I am going to share mine with you.


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Figueroa Mountain Brewing Stagecoach Stout – Day 51


Beer Trading is an interesting phenomenon to me.  There are different types of trading.  There is the single trade, wherein I have a beer that you want and you have a beer that I want, so we arrange a trade.  We may never trade again and we probably don’t know each other.  There are arranged trades.  While this isn’t the norm, this summer my friends were part of the Beer It Forward Beer Advocate trade.  We provided regional beers to a group in Buffalo, and a group in California sent us beers from their region.  We didn’t meet them and will…

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Founders Breakfast Stout – Day 49


Anyone who ages/cellars beers know that there are certain rules that theoretically should apply:


  • Many styles of beer should not be aged.  Other styles are great for aging.
  • The beer should become smoother and less boozy.
  • The flavor of the beer should become more complex.


We were excited to pop open a Breakfast Stout from 2012 and compare it to a 2011 which we had stored in our cellar.  Let’s go through our theories:

Many styles of beer should not be aged.  Other styles are great for aging.

Stouts are a good choice for aging, usually.   We…

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Perennial Fantastic Voyage – Day 47

fantastic voyage

The kitchen…it always becomes the central hang-out during parties or get togethers.  It doesn’t matter how large or small the space, how many people are present, or even how much seating (or lack of seating) is available.  I know that food is probably the greatest motivation for hanging out in the kitchen. But I think another lesser considered reason is the volume level of other rooms.  The living room, for example, always seems to have either something on TV or music playing.  The kitchen allows the game (or whatever is on) to be occasionally glimpsed and music to be overheard, but the focus remains…

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Darwin Original Flag Porter – Day 46

flag porter

Trying new things can be scary.  This is especially true when you are paying for it and will not be able to return it, if in fact it does not live up to your standards.  However, sometimes trying new things can bring great rewards.

Yesterday we went out to dinner with the other Hop Bunny and her husband for her birthday dinner.  The beer on the menu was adequate, and actually better than I had hoped for, but much of what was listed were beers that I had sampled in the past.  One of the beers though was from a brewery that I had never even

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Oskar Blues Ten Fidy – Day 42


Cans of craft beer.  They are everywhere these days.  Why?  Sustainability, Cost, Taste.

  • Sustainability – A can is 100% recyclable.  Because of this, many cans are already made up of recycled material.  In addition, people are more apt to recycle cans than bottles.  This, of course, makes the Earth happy.
  • Cost – It is cheaper to ship cans than bottles.  They are smaller, so you can fit more in a box or truck and they weigh less, which brings down the cost of shipping.  This brings down prices for the establishment selling beer and those savings are passed on

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Widmer Brothers Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout – Day 40


Sunday was quite a busy day.  It started with a half marathon, in which I ran okay.  I didn’t PR and my knee is roached, but I finished without walking and felt great afterwards.  In addition, it was the Opening Day for much of the NFL.   We rented out the upstairs room at our favorite bar and invited around 20 friends to hang out, watch the game, eat great food, and drink amazing beer.   Overall, it was a fun day with friends.  Beer brings friends together!

Widmer Brothers Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout

After drinking a few IPAs and a Pumpkin Ale, I…

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Stone Smoked Porter Variations (Chipotle and Vanilla) – Day 36

stone smoked porters

One of my favorite breweries that I have visited is Ballast Point in San Diego.  Sure, the bar and the tap room are beautiful (although weirdly there are no chairs forcing all patrons to stand) and they just added a new outdoor patio.  But the reason I enjoy Ballast Point is because they specialize in one-offs at their brewery.  At all times, they keep their standard 5 beers on tap, and add a few seasonals or other beer that is brewed regularly, like Sculpin or Sea Monster.  But they also have one one-offs on a few taps.

When we were there in June, they…

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