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Russian River/Sierra Nevada Brux – Day 56


Beer brewed with Brettanomyces…what does that mean?  Hopefully my post does this little bacteria justice.

Brett is a strain of yeast.  But unlike other yeast variations, it can digest any kind of sugar, including wood.  This means that it can live in barrels used for barrel-aging beers and infect any beer that is stored in that particular vessel.  I use the word infect, because in many beers, Brett is the enemy.  This yeast produces a farmhouse, funky flavor and aroma that is undesirable for many brewers.  However, some breweries enjoy this quality and use it to flavor sour beers and wild…

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Brasserie d’Achouffe Houblon Chouffe – Day 54


I need a Marcel!  If I had one, he would sit in my living room on the TV stand and make me smile every day.  It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

Marcel is the gnome mascot for Brasserie d’Achouffe, hereafter referred to as Chouffe.  This brewery in Belgium has been in operation since 1982.  Legend has it that gnomes used to brew beer in Belgium until they shared their recipe with the Chouffe brewers.  There are different stories surrounding how that came to pass depending on where you look, but this brewery definitely pays homage to the gnome. …

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Ommegang Scythe and Sickle – Day 44


First of all, I would like to apologize to my husband for pronouncing the word “scythe” wrong and then telling him that he was incorrect in his pronunciation.  Sorry, babe.

Secondly, I hate late night meetings.  It seems that so far this year, I have been home late at least twice each week.  By late, I mean 8:00 or later.  That’s the worst.  I don’t get my exercise in, so I’m crabby.  I am so tired when I get home that I lay on the couch and tend to fall asleep rather quickly.  Plus, I’m usually starving, although I really don’t…

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2nd Shift Unicorn Killer UK III – Day 23


Today was a really long day.  It started with a meeting at 8:00 AM and ended with a chicken coop dedication that was over at 7:00 PM.  I really didn’t have time to eat all day, although my loving husband had Subway for me when I got home.  So, I didn’t want a big beer that would sit in my stomach all night.  I also didn’t want a huge ABV beer for the same reason.

In the refrigerator was Unicorn Killer UKIII by 2nd Shift Brewery.  What an interesting website they have!  Go and check it out immediately.  Sadly there isn’t a…

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Ommegang Witte – Day 21


Yesterday, we went to a beer dinner.  This one was unique in a few ways.  The Ommegang brewery representative, Matt, wanted a more informal setting.  There were no seats, just tables to stand around.  The courses were small and some of them didn’t even require utensils, although I really could have used a fork when my chicken tacos fell apart.  And, there weren’t beer samples.  Instead each attendee received a bottle of each beer.  We’re talking 5 courses and 5 bottles of beer.  The price…$35.  Matt told us that he wanted to make sure we got our money’s worth.  At…

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Duvel Belgian Strong Ale

Kishimoto Duvel Glass

The color of this beer is gold and hazy straw.  There is an amazing billowing head and awesome lacing that sticks to the kick-ass Eley Kishimoto Duvel glass I got at the Winking Lizard this past fall.  Not to get of topic from the delicious brew, but if you get a chance next year, do the mini Duvel tour for the glasses, the beauty of the art of this fine glassware is spectacular!  Continuing on, it smells like Belgian yeast and there is a touch of…

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Scaldis Noel


This is one of my favorite beers to have during the holiday season.  I have an affinity for Belgian Strong Ales to begin with and this particular beer sure doesn’t disappoint.  It is deeply malty, from the smell to the flavor, yet it is still very smooth.  I know that it isn’t really classified as a Christmas beer, but it my mind it means that the holidays are right around the corner.  And the 12% ABV certainly makes it easier to take the holiday season and the upcoming family get togethers.  One note of caution: this beer is…

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Duvel Single (Duvel Green)

Duvel Single Keg Collar

Duvel Single may be found by its prior name Duvel Green.  This beer by any name is unique and yet truly delicious.  Only found on draft, this beer will pour a yellowish color that almost has a hint of green to it.  It is light, sweet, and refreshing with a lingering lemongrass flavor.  A perfect summer beer for an evening on the patio.  This beer has an overall earthy feeling, which is probably why it was originally entitled “green.”  Since this one goes down really easily, make sure to note that it contains almost 7% alcohol.

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Mikkeller Nelson Sauvin Brut

Mikkeller Nelson Sauvin Brut

This beer is one of the more unusual beers I have tried recently.  It’s a hoppy Belgian beer aged in Sauvignon Blanc barrels.  The color is amber on top and copper on the bottom with a touch of orange in between.  There is a lot of lacing sticking to the glass.  It smells like grapefruit and has some Brettanomyces notes (this is a wild yeast that can make a beer taste like ‘horsehair’ or ‘horseblanket’ – here, the yeast actually adds subtle earth and pineapple notes).  There is a lot of citrus in the nose from the hops and the…

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