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Dogfish Head Hellhound on my Ale – Day 62


Dogfish Head brews unique beers.  In fact, their motto says it all; “Off-centered ales for off-centered people.”  Sam Calagione, the Founder and President of Dogfish Head has been brewing crazy creations since 1995.


This is how far I got…and then the Dogfish Head website decided not to work.  Or at least work as quickly as when Dial-Up was all the rage.  And that was it for me and my 365 days.  I was all prepared to write about Robert Johnson and how he sold his soul to the devil in order to play the blues.  And the unique Dogfish flavors,…

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Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Snowed in Stout – Day 61


Sierra Nevada holds a Beer Camp in Chico, California every summer.  In order to attend this camp, you must create a video and submit it to Sierra Nevada who chooses 10 contestants to join them at their camp.

At camp, contestants learn all there is to know about Sierra Nevada’s beer facility and production.  They also have the opportunity to brew beer and learn about the intricacies of the brewing process.  Campers choose which beers will be brewed at the end of the camp. These beers are released to the public for consumption.

If you are interested in learning more about camp or…

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Founders CBS – Day 60


Last night, Steve and I attended a pumpkin party.  All food and alcohol was required to be pumpkin-based.  And while I copped out a bit and simply made some pumpkin snickerdoodles, (desserts were definitely the easier route to take) there were some exceptional entrees and side dishes as well.

I had a large bowl of pumpkin chili with pumpkin sour cream that was fantastic.  I know my friend Sara has lots of leftovers if she reads this and is willing to share, I would be happy to help her out.  Another friend made an exceptional pumpkin risotto.  Had he arrived…

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Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout – Day 59


I have guilty pleasures.  I know that you do too.  Today, I am going to list some of mine.  Let’s begin by defining a guilty pleasure.

In my opinion, a guilty pleasure is something that you enjoy that others will think less of you if they knew.  It is something enjoyed in the private of your own home or vehicle.  If you share your guilty pleasure with others, it is highly possible you will become the butt of all jokes for the remainder of the evening.  And yet, I am going to share mine with you.


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Terrapin Pumpkin – Day 58


I love football season!  The weather begins to change and cools down to bearable temperature.  The leaves begin to change and take on gorgeous shades of orange, red, and yellow.  High school marching bands practice in open fields with spray painted lines.  And gambling is just around every corner.

This year I am in a fantasy football league where craft beer that isn’t found regionally makes up the winner’s pot.  I am also in a Pick ‘Em league where a winner is declared each week.  I won the first week of the season and with a $2 entry fee…

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The Bruery Oude Tart – Day 57


I am a huge fan of chicken and waffles.  What is better than crispy fried chicken, a fluffy waffle, sweet maple syrup, and spicy hot sauce?  In my opinion…not much.  This means that I am constantly in search of amazing chicken and waffles.  Sadly, the best version that I have ever had tasted was at a restaurant that has since gone out of business.  Thus, my search continues.  Here is what I need to deem a restaurant as having the yummiest chicken and waffles:

1. Crispy Fried Chicken – When I bite into a piece of fried chicken, I want…

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Russian River/Sierra Nevada Brux – Day 56


Beer brewed with Brettanomyces…what does that mean?  Hopefully my post does this little bacteria justice.

Brett is a strain of yeast.  But unlike other yeast variations, it can digest any kind of sugar, including wood.  This means that it can live in barrels used for barrel-aging beers and infect any beer that is stored in that particular vessel.  I use the word infect, because in many beers, Brett is the enemy.  This yeast produces a farmhouse, funky flavor and aroma that is undesirable for many brewers.  However, some breweries enjoy this quality and use it to flavor sour beers and wild…

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Terrapin Boom Shakalager – Day 55


Disclaimer: Let me start by saying that the review of this beer places no fault on the brewer.  I was fully aware going in that this beer would be well past its prime.

Terrapin is a really cool brewery.  Here are just a few things that I appreciate about Terrapin Brewing.  Make sure to visit their website for even more information.

1. Their labels - A cartoon turtle graces the label on a majority of Terrapin’s beer.  On each label, the turtle is participating in some sort of activity or scene in which the beer’s title is clearly recognizable.

2. The beer names…

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Brasserie d’Achouffe Houblon Chouffe – Day 54


I need a Marcel!  If I had one, he would sit in my living room on the TV stand and make me smile every day.  It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

Marcel is the gnome mascot for Brasserie d’Achouffe, hereafter referred to as Chouffe.  This brewery in Belgium has been in operation since 1982.  Legend has it that gnomes used to brew beer in Belgium until they shared their recipe with the Chouffe brewers.  There are different stories surrounding how that came to pass depending on where you look, but this brewery definitely pays homage to the gnome. …

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Fat Head’s Bumbleberry – Day 53


Theme bars and restaurants seem to me to be popping up everywhere lately.  I know that this isn’t a new concept and some theme locations have managed to pull off their themes with huge success – take the Hard Rock Cafe, with locations world-wide.  But I think there has been some major reaching lately, at least in Cleveland.  Some themes have found success and others; we will have to wait and see.

Yesterday, we went with some friends to a new brewery/bar downtown.  The theme of this bar is bicycles and local beer.  We’ve been hearing some mixed reviews.  People in…

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