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Maui Brewing and Jolly Pumpkin Sobrehumano Palena ‘ole – Day 43

sobrehumano final

Maui Brewing and Jolly Pumpkin collaborated to create Sobrehumano Palena ’Ole, a red ale brewed with liliko’i (passion fruit) and Michigan cherries.  The brewers crafted this ale while visiting each other’s breweries.  Do not assume that because the brewers worked together that these beers will taste the same.   If you didn’t know that this was a collaboration beer, you wouldn’t recognize that these beers are related in any way.

This is not by accident however.  Even though the beer was crafted by both brewers, they chose to ferment in a totally different way which allows for a uniqueness…

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Oskar Blues Ten Fidy – Day 42


Cans of craft beer.  They are everywhere these days.  Why?  Sustainability, Cost, Taste.

  • Sustainability – A can is 100% recyclable.  Because of this, many cans are already made up of recycled material.  In addition, people are more apt to recycle cans than bottles.  This, of course, makes the Earth happy.
  • Cost – It is cheaper to ship cans than bottles.  They are smaller, so you can fit more in a box or truck and they weigh less, which brings down the cost of shipping.  This brings down prices for the establishment selling beer and those savings are passed on

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Short’s Brewing Key Lime Pie – Day 41


Short’s Brewing is located in northern Michigan.  If you haven’t checked out the offerings by this brewery, or haven’t sampled their beers, you definitely should.  They don’t have a large distribution area.  We don’t even get it here in Cleveland.  But if you can find some through a trade, make sure they are fresh and then try a bunch of flavors.  You won’t be disappointed.

Shorts takes risks, especially with their Specialty Beers.  Not only do they brew Key Lime Pie, which I will be reviewing today, but they also have other unique flavors.  Some I’ve sampled and…

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Widmer Brothers Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout – Day 40


Sunday was quite a busy day.  It started with a half marathon, in which I ran okay.  I didn’t PR and my knee is roached, but I finished without walking and felt great afterwards.  In addition, it was the Opening Day for much of the NFL.   We rented out the upstairs room at our favorite bar and invited around 20 friends to hang out, watch the game, eat great food, and drink amazing beer.   Overall, it was a fun day with friends.  Beer brings friends together!

Widmer Brothers Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout

After drinking a few IPAs and a Pumpkin Ale, I…

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Southern Tier Pumking – Day 39


I have a grammar obsession.  Mostly,  my obsession concerns random apostrophes.  I can’t stand driving past a sign that claims, “Puppy’s for Sale.”  Really?!?  What do the puppies own?  And it doesn’t stand for “puppy is” either.  Using your and you’re incorrectly also drives me crazy.  I’m not sure why I have this problem, but I know I’m not the only one.  My current obsession is with the overusage of “whenever” instead of “when,” and when people leave off the “ly” in adverbs.

The Great Typo Hunt is a book chronicling the life of two guys who drive across America…

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Rivertown Pumpkin Ale – Day 37


I just got home from a high school football game.  I love this time of year.  The drum line always makes me think of fall and the autumn smell/beautiful weather that comes along with it.  A pumpkin ale sounded like a perfect option for tonight’s beer.

One of my good friends just got hired as a head brewer at Rivertown Brewing out near Cincinnati, Ohio.  I can’t wait to drive down there for a visit sometime in the near future.  Maybe Christmas Break.  Anyway, Rivertown often brews sours.  And their Pumpkin Ale falls into that category as well.

Rivertown Pumpkin Ale

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Iron Fist Uprising – Day 37


The name of this beer reminds me of the Muse song of the same name.  I do not watch music videos any more.  I really haven’t since the early 90′s.  I do have fond memories of watching MTV all summer long with my babysitter in the late 80′s though.  Did the Wild, Wild West video by Escape Club freak you out too?  Those arms and legs are so gross.  It came on the radio the other day and I still get that terrible picture in my head 24 years later.  If you don’t know what I am talking about you are young.  Google it.  Any way, the…

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Stone Smoked Porter Variations (Chipotle and Vanilla) – Day 36

stone smoked porters

One of my favorite breweries that I have visited is Ballast Point in San Diego.  Sure, the bar and the tap room are beautiful (although weirdly there are no chairs forcing all patrons to stand) and they just added a new outdoor patio.  But the reason I enjoy Ballast Point is because they specialize in one-offs at their brewery.  At all times, they keep their standard 5 beers on tap, and add a few seasonals or other beer that is brewed regularly, like Sculpin or Sea Monster.  But they also have one one-offs on a few taps.

When we were there in June, they…

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Dogfish Head Fort – Day 35

Today is the first long night in a week of long nights.  I got home a little after 9:00 tonight.  Thursday will be similar. On Friday, I may not get home until after 10:00.  I hate when I have weeks like this.  I would much rather have one long night a week for the entire month, than an entire week of late nights and then 3 weeks off.  I don’t eat, I can’t exercise, and I just want to go to bed when I get home.

So when I got home tonight, Steve suggested we open our bottle of Fort. …

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Stillwater Artisanal Ales Holland Oats – Day 34


Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays.  I realize that in the plethora of holidays, Labor Day doesn’t seem like it should be anyone’s favorite, but I thoroughly enjoy it.  First, working in a school, Labor Day signifies a 4-day week at the very beginning of the year, when one is truly needed due to the high stress levels of starting a new year.  Second, usually Steve and I do absolutely nothing on this glorious day off.

Unlike other holidays where there is travel, large amounts of food, family time, etc., Labor Day is normally spent at home with just…

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