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The Hop Bunnies
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The Hop Bunnies are Hop Bunny G, Hop Bunny T and friends. We're a mixture of experienced craft beer drinkers and energetic newcomers to the world of better beer. We are here because it's our time to celebrate the American brewing renaissance. There have always been strong women in craft beer, but the blogs and message boards are still dominated by men. We started Hop Bunnies to share the fun of our craft beer drinking adventures with everyone, and we're glad you are here!

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Hop Bunny G

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Hop Bunny G

I want to start out by informing everyone up front that I am not a beer expert. As a matter of fact, I've only been enjoying craft beer since 2010.

When I started drinking, I wish there had been someone to help walk me through the process and help answer all of my beer related questions:

  • What kind of beers should I try first?
  • What is an IPA or an IBU?
  • What if I know 2-3 beers that I like, but the bar I'm at doesn't have those?
  • How can I keep drinking craft beer and keep my weight off? (still trying to figure this one out by the way)

That's where I come in. Being a relatively "new" drinker, I remember what it was like to go to a bar with 100 choices and no Bud Light or Miller Lite and have no idea what I would like to drink. I made many mistakes in my early days that I'd like to save others from making.

I plan to review beers as I would like to see reviews, which means I won't be talking about the lace, the wood used to brew, the characteristics of each hop used in the fermenting process, etc. While those attributes are important and help make a particular beer what it is, that information doesn't help determine whether a beer will taste amazing to me or not and usually isn't provided in the description when I need to order a beer.

I also plan to write articles and reviews for the "new" beer drinker. I hope to answer some of the questions that I had as well as any questions that you may have about beer and beer events. So, if you have any questions, I'm all ears. Get it?

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Hop Bunny T

A photo of Hop Bunny T

Hop Bunny T

My craft beer journey began in 1998 in the parking lot at a Widespread Panic show. A dreadlocked madman jumped out in front of me shouting 'Heady Brews, Oaty Stout' and I was thirsty. Maybe I was lightheaded from the patchouli in the air, or maybe it was fate but I decided to take a risk - $5 later I had a 16.9 ounce bottle of one of the classic Oatmeal Stouts of all time in my hand and a smile on my face. The beer was delicious and so different than anything I had ever had before! I knew I had to taste more.

Since that time, my palate has been exposed to almost every style of beer imaginable. I love the variety that craft beer offers, and, while some are obviously better than others, I've never tried a style of beer that I couldn't appreciate. Craft beer isn't just a preference; for me, it has become a part of my life. I met my husband at a brewery and stole his heart the second I flagged down the bartender and confidently ordered the hoppiest beer on the menu.

Beer isn't just for boys anymore. In fact, it never was - some of the first brewers in this country were women, not to mention the Egyptian women who are credited with inventing our favorite beverage. But more and more women are getting involved in the craft beer business in modern day America - from brewers to distributors to shop owners and bartenders, we all bring something unique to the table. I bring years of experience and a no BS attitude. I'm not afraid to really say what I think of a beer, regardless of the marketing behind it, price or rarity.

What will you bring? That's a question only you can answer. I urge you to try all the beers you can, but I hope to help guide you by sharing my favorites and insights with every post. There are so many styles and breweries, you're sure to find some favorites along the way. Just remember, not all beer is the same.

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