The Bruery Oude Tart – Day 57

I am a huge fan of chicken and waffles.  What is better than crispy fried chicken, a fluffy waffle, sweet maple syrup, and spicy hot sauce?  In my opinion…not much.  This means that I am constantly in search of amazing chicken and waffles.  Sadly, the best version that I have ever had tasted was at a restaurant that has since gone out of business.  Thus, my search continues.  Here is what I need to deem a restaurant as having the yummiest chicken and waffles:

1. Crispy Fried Chicken – When I bite into a piece of fried chicken, I want an audible crunch from the skin and a juicy interior piece of chicken.  The batter shouldn’t be too thick as to overpower the chicken.  There should be more chicken that skin, but the crispiness should make up for the lack of thick skin.  I also want my crispy skin to remain on my chicken. There is nothing worse than biting into a piece of chicken and having the skin slide off.  Well, that’s not true.  What is worse is soggy fried chicken.

2. The Waffle – The waffle should be light and fluffy.  Chicken and waffles makes for a filling meal.  A dense waffle is not only unnecessary but unwanted.  I also don’t want an overly thick or thin waffle.  If you are eating chicken and waffles right, you are taking a bite of chicken and waffle simultaneously.  If the waffle is too thick, it is almost impossible to do this without choking.

3. The Spice- Chicken and waffles should be spicy.  Period.  I have no problem adding hot sauce to the maple syrup in order to make my favorite sweet and spicy condiment, but the chicken should be hot without the addition of any sauce.  If not hot, then it certainly needs a kick.  Bland chicken and waffles is a mistake in my book.

Last night, we went to a new restaurant for chicken and waffles.  It met the criteria for Spice and Chicken, but sadly, the dense, dry waffle kept me from proclaiming this the best chicken and waffles in Cleveland.  Actually, the chicken was really good.  I ordered it spicy to ensure the kick that I so crave.  While it wasn’t the hottest thing I have eaten, it definitely had a kick that would  have been too hot for some.  The crispy skin was perfectly crunchy and thick.  My only complaint about the chicken would be that the skin very easily crumbled and fell off.  So, the search continues.  Don’t you wish you could combine the best parts of one restaurant with the best parts of others?

The Bruery Oude Tart

This is a sour beer that I really enjoy.  Tart dark cherries dominate the flavor of this Flemish-Style Red Ale.  Aging this beer in red wine barrels for 18 months allowed the intense sourness to develop.  I don’t get the leather characteristic that the Bruery claims, but it doesn’t need to be there.  If I see this one on a shelf, it often makes its way into my mouth.  The Bruery knows how to brew an amazingly flavorful sour beer.

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