The Bruery Autumn Maple – Day 45

Yesterday, we had one of my favorite fall weather beers.  Autumn Maple by the Bruery is a delicious beer.  And unlike some other autumn beers which use pumpkins in their brewing process, the Bruery uses yams.

The word “yam” makes me giggle.  I don’t know why, it just seems like a funny word.  So randomly, my friends and I started creating “yam” songs and “yam” places.  Here are some of our favorites (after spending a good hour or more of carefully crafting yammy goodness).  Yes, we spent almost the entire night laughing about yams.  Every time we dropped it for a bit, yams just crept right back in.  Those sneaky yams.

  • Pump up the Yam
  • We Be Yammin’
  • Mary Had a Little Yam
  • Oh, Black Betty, Yam-a-lam
  • Welcome to Mi-yammy

PS. I am laughing hysterically just reliving all of this.

  • Steve and I are going to vacation in the Yamptons
  • In the Ice Ice Baby lyrics, “So fast, other DJs say Yam”
  • Yam, I Wish I Was your Lover

All right.  I will stop there and spare you from my yam humor.  Hopefully you at least cracked a smile.  If you didn’t, then you are a yam fool. Ha ha ha!


The Bruery Autumn Maple

The same spices that you will find in a typical pumpkin beer are present in this yam version (cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, molasses, maple syrup, etc.).  The Bruery brews this beer using 17 pounds of yams per barrel.  The yam lends a bit of a different flavor than the pumpkin.  It is a bit thicker, a bit creamier, and a bit more savory than sweet.  With the addition of all of the spices, this beer is the opposite (not really – go with me here) of Pumking.  While Pumking has the same spices, it is super sweet and pumpkin cookie flavored.  Autumn Maple is spicy, bold, and sweet potato casserole minus the marshmallows flavored.  While it tastes like sweet potatoes and yammy deliciousness, it does clock in at 10.5%.  Since it comes in a 750 mL bottle, you will probably want to share.  Pop one open on a fall evening while you are sitting outside around a fire pit with friends.  I promise, whether you talk about yams or not, this beer will help contribute to a great evening!




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