Terrapin Boom Shakalager – Day 55

Disclaimer: Let me start by saying that the review of this beer places no fault on the brewer.  I was fully aware going in that this beer would be well past its prime.

Terrapin is a really cool brewery.  Here are just a few things that I appreciate about Terrapin Brewing.  Make sure to visit their website for even more information. http://terrapinbeer.com/

1. Their labels - A cartoon turtle graces the label on a majority of Terrapin’s beer.  On each label, the turtle is participating in some sort of activity or scene in which the beer’s title is clearly recognizable.

2. The beer names – Pop culture seems to be the theme at Terrapin.  Whether it is modifying song titles (Outkast, Boom Shaka Laka) , referencing movies  (Easy Rider, Back to the Future, Indiana Jones), or suggesting famous characters (Hopzilla), the titles are unique and truly a fun part of this brewery’s image.

3. The tours – I have never been to Atlanta, Georgia, or Athens, Georgia for that matter, but this beer tour sounds like an experience that I definitely need to try.  The tour is free and is 2 hours long, with live music, chats about beer, and sample tastings at the end.  There is an outdoor bar and an indoor one.  Terrapin encourages bringing a picnic lunch and enjoying the setting.  Even dogs are allowed on portions of the tour.

4. Community engagement - Terrapin provides donations and sponsorships to local businesses.  In addition, they have a monthly women’s group that meets to drink and talk about beer. They also sponsor a 2-day event that hosts bike races, running events, and activities for children.

5.  Keeping a creative, independent attitude - Not long ago, Terrapin had to convert a loan with Tenth and Blake into stake in the company.  Terrapin answered all consumer questions up front about what that means for the future of the brewery, as Tenth and Blake is a unit of MillerCoors.

This is one of those breweries on my bucket list of places to visit.  It seems like a place that is keeping beer and brewing unpretentious and fun.  Which, in my opinion, is what craft beer is all about.


Terrapin Book Shakalager

Side Project #11 for Terrapin is their Boom Shakalager.  This beer was released in spring 2010 and claimed to have an abundance of sweet, bitter, and citrus flavor.  I really wish that I had been able to try it then.  Now it smells and tastes like nail polish remover.  Again, I don’t blame Terrapin at all.  Instead, I blame the liquor store that held onto this beer for 2.5 years and then chose to sell it.  My husband ordered it for me because I absolutely love the name.  He knew that it most likely wouldn’t be good, but he also knew that I’d be excited just to have the bottle in my house and to say that I tried it.  But there are people reviewing this beer a few days and months ago on Untappd that must not have any tastebuds.  One person referred to it as having a hoppy coffee flavor.  What?  Another called it “viscous.”  I’m hoping that individual just like the sound of that word and doesn’t really know its meaning.   I probably would have adored this beer fresh as you know by now that citra hops are my favorite.  Again, this review doesn’t really count.  Sadly, I’m not sure I will ever get to taste a fresh one.  Currently, Terrapin is running a contest to bring back a favorite beer from the past.  But, Boom Shakalager isn’t even a voting option.  Oh well.  At least I got to say I tried it, I own the bottle, and I got to do a little dance while opening it.  Thanks Terrapin for making me smile and making beer fun!


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