Stillwater Artisanal Ales Holland Oats – Day 34

Labor Day is one of my favorite holidays.  I realize that in the plethora of holidays, Labor Day doesn’t seem like it should be anyone’s favorite, but I thoroughly enjoy it.  First, working in a school, Labor Day signifies a 4-day week at the very beginning of the year, when one is truly needed due to the high stress levels of starting a new year.  Second, usually Steve and I do absolutely nothing on this glorious day off.

Unlike other holidays where there is travel, large amounts of food, family time, etc., Labor Day is normally spent at home with just the two of us or at a picnic with a small group of friends.  Today we went to a local brewery with two of our best friends who just returned from vacation, and then we came home.  Since we’ve been home, we’ve watched Jurassic Park I and III.  We also both took naps and I read about 200 pages of my book.  I’ve been in my pajamas since about 4:30.  Doesn’t that sound like a perfect day?  The perfect refresher before going back to work without another break until October.

Stillwater Holland Oats

In my music post, I mentioned this beer.  I’ve wanted to try it since I saw it on the shelf.  I’m not a huge fan of ambers, and this one isn’t great, but the name alone makes it worth the purchase price.  That and Steve has been singing You Make My Dreams Come True since we’ve cracked it open.  As far as ambers go, this one is a bit on the flavorless side.  The only real taste is a bitter note that appears as I swallow and lingers a bit in an unpleasant way.  I don’t pick up much from the aroma.  I rated it a 3 on Untappd, but probably should have given it a 2.5, if such a rating existed.  Name phenomenal, beer mediocre.

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