Southern Tier Pumking – Day 39

I have a grammar obsession.  Mostly,  my obsession concerns random apostrophes.  I can’t stand driving past a sign that claims, “Puppy’s for Sale.”  Really?!?  What do the puppies own?  And it doesn’t stand for “puppy is” either.  Using your and you’re incorrectly also drives me crazy.  I’m not sure why I have this problem, but I know I’m not the only one.  My current obsession is with the overusage of “whenever” instead of “when,” and when people leave off the “ly” in adverbs.

The Great Typo Hunt is a book chronicling the life of two guys who drive across America correcting grammar errors on billboards, in grocery stores, at museums, and controversially (for them) on government property.  Another book titled, I Judge Y ou When You Use Poor Grammar also identifies grammar and spelling mistakes found in public locations.  Plus, there are many books on the market that have tips on how to use grammar correctly, like the best seller, Eats, Shoots & Leaves.

I’m not really sure who is at fault here.  Is it our public schools?  I remember diagramming sentences for an entire semester in 10th grade.  Although, I honestly couldn’t tell you what I learned or even remember.  So it could plausibly be teachers’ faults for teaching grammar in such a boring way.  Or is it technology?  We all know that texting and tweeting have allowed us to shorten words and phrases.  I’m often that dork looking up acronyms wondering what they mean.  In addition, spell check doesn’t require us to know how to spell words.  We just have to recognize them when we are given a list of options.  Perhaps it is just society’s need to finish things quickly.  People don’t slow down to think anymore, (this frequently includes me).  They may know the grammar rules that come with using there, their, and they’re, but they quickly speed through hoping that spell check will catch their mistakes.  But that’s the rub with grammar.  The words are spelled correctly, just not used correctly.  And what if it is a word that isn’t in the dictionary, like Pumking.

My good friend, Ryan, loves Pumking.  I understand why he loves it, as it is so freaking tasty (read below).  But he can’t stand when people spell it incorrectly.  The most common error seen is Pumpking.  53 people have checked in Pumpking on Untappd.  I bet they are confused as to why so few people have tried such an amazing beer.  I know why people think it is spelled that way.  It looks much closer to Pumpkin.  Makes sense.  But why can’t those people take the time to look at the bottle that they are drinking?  If it’s on tap, check the menu (although it isn’t always spelled correctly on menus either due to human error).   Spell check won’t catch it if it is typed incorrectly since neither word registers as being spelled correctly.  However, you could easily look it up on your Smart Phone in seconds.

People, I am imploring you.  Slow down.  Take the time to think through what you are writing.  You know the grammar rules.  Use them.  If you don’t know the rules or how to spell something, look it up.  With the internet at your fingertips, you have immediate access to reference materials to assist you.  Let’s make the world a spelling and grammar error-free place.

Southern Tier Pumking

People either love or hate this beer.  I am a lover.  Both the aroma and the flavor are reminiscent of pumpkin pie, including the crust and the whipped topping.  I’ve also been known to compare it to pumpkin cookies.  You know the ones…really soft, pumpkin frosting, pure yumminess.  Commence drooling!  The sweetness is what can turn people off, and I understand that…to a point.   Southern Tier also makes a beer called Creme Brulee.  While it tastes as it claims, the sweetness quickly becomes overpowering and cloying.  That doesn’t happen with Pumking.  The sweetness is there, but the pumpkin flavor is the predominant taste, so there is no syrupy or sticky, sweet aftertaste to make it overwhelming to my palate.  This year’s version of Pumking is pretty consistent with year’s past; however, the pumpkin comes through even more.  That doesn’t mean the pumpkin pie flavor you love has disappeared.  It’s still there.  In fact, it may be even better this year due to more pumpkin and less whipped topping/crust.  If you love pumpkin pie or pumpkin cookies, and you’ve never tried Pumking, you need to stop reading and run to your nearest bar/beer store.  If you’ve tried past versions and didn’t like the sweetness, try this year’s.  If you have tried it and loved it, keep buying it.  It’s definitely one of my favorite pumpkin beers and a great way to spend a fall afternoon, evening, or night.

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