Short’s Brewing Key Lime Pie – Day 41

Short’s Brewing is located in northern Michigan.  If you haven’t checked out the offerings by this brewery, or haven’t sampled their beers, you definitely should.  They don’t have a large distribution area.  We don’t even get it here in Cleveland.  But if you can find some through a trade, make sure they are fresh and then try a bunch of flavors.  You won’t be disappointed.

Shorts takes risks, especially with their Specialty Beers.  Not only do they brew Key Lime Pie, which I will be reviewing today, but they also have other unique flavors.  Some I’ve sampled and some I haven’t.  But as long as they are fresh, they truly taste as they claim.  Here are a few of theirmore fun flavors:

Bloody Beer – Bloody Mary flavored beer including the horseradish – I’ve had this; weird but tastes like a bloody mary

Strawberry Short’s Cake – yum!  Strawberries, whipped cream, and yellow spongy cake

Uber Goober Oatmeal Stout - I have not had this, but it is my friend’s favorite; creamy peanut flavor

S’mores Stout – Haven’t tried it, but definitely want to

India Spruce Pilsner  – tastes like eating a Christmas tree; I don’t like it but they got it

PB & J Stout – Same as above


You have to give it to Shorts.  They set out to do something unique and they did it.  Whether you like what they brew or not, you have to admit that their beer tastes exactly like its namesake.  Which is why I am loving my Key Lime Pie.



Short’s Brewing Key Lime Pie

The label claims, marshmallow creme, milk sugar, limes, and graham crackers.  A friend, (thanks Bill), gave us 2 Key Lime Pies.  We weren’t sure if he passed them along because he was being nice or because he tried them and didn’t enjoy them.  So tonight we opened a bottle with a bit of trepidation.  I love a good piece of key lime pie though, so I was also pretty excited.

The aroma is exactly like a key lime pie as long as the beer is cold.  You can definitely smell the limes.  As it warms, there is something else in the aroma although I can’t pick it out.  The first sip was shocking.  I guess I don’t know why I was shocked, as it claims that it tastes like key lime pie and I’ve had Shorts beers before, so I know that it tastes like it is supposed to, but still, I was surprised.  This beer absolutely tastes like key lime pie.  You get the limes, the graham cracker, and the marshmallow.  As it warms, you mostly get limes, but that is the best part of the pie any way.  There is that carbonationy flavor that comes through when eating a key lime pie that works in this beer.   I really enjoy this beer.  It is so refreshing.  It would be a great summer patio beer. I wouldn’t necessarily crave one or want more than one or two, but if I’m looking for a sweet, desserty refreshing beer or a piece of key lime pie, I would definitely order one.  Steve wasn’t such a fan.  He liked the flavor and agreed that it tasted spot on, but to him it wasn’t really a beer as much as a fruity drink, like juice.  I guess I can see that.   I also think you have to love key lime pie to drink one.  Otherwise there is no point.  But whether you have a glass for dessert or breakfast, if you can find this beer, pick it up.  P.S.  It goes great with Lorna Doones.

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