Rivertown Pumpkin Ale – Day 37

I just got home from a high school football game.  I love this time of year.  The drum line always makes me think of fall and the autumn smell/beautiful weather that comes along with it.  A pumpkin ale sounded like a perfect option for tonight’s beer.

One of my good friends just got hired as a head brewer at Rivertown Brewing out near Cincinnati, Ohio.  I can’t wait to drive down there for a visit sometime in the near future.  Maybe Christmas Break.  Anyway, Rivertown often brews sours.  And their Pumpkin Ale falls into that category as well.

Rivertown Pumpkin Ale

We had a bottle of this about a week ago at a local bar.  I was pretty underwhelmed.  Maybe it was because we were drinking other pumpkin beer offerings and Rivertown’s was on the weak end.  But, I would say that it wasn’t good.  I always like to give beers (except for Ta Henket) another shot.  And we had already purchased a bottle for our home before we sampled it at the bar.  So, we cracked this one with a bit of trepidation.

I will say that this one was better than the one we had last week.  It still had some carbonation and was sour, without being overly taxing on my tastebuds.  Did it taste like pumpkin?  Not really.  Maybe the first few sips had a bit of pumpkin if I really tried to find it, but that was about it.  The pumpkin didn’t come out as it got warmer.  In fact, the carbonation seemed to go away, leaving a barely sour beer with virtually no pumpkin flavor.  Again, I will say that it was better than last week’s tasting, but I’m not sure if it really was or if it was due to the fact that we sampled a bunch of pumpkin beers that night.  I wouldn’t recommend buying one if you want a pumpkin beer.  There are so many on the market and many that are better.  Give another one a try.  I hope that my friend gets the chance to redo this recipe.   I will definitely look for it on the shelves next year hoping that he had a hand in its making and hopefully a hand in making it better.

*Love you, Wyatt! Sun’s out, guns out!

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