Perennial Fantastic Voyage – Day 47

The kitchen…it always becomes the central hang-out during parties or get togethers.  It doesn’t matter how large or small the space, how many people are present, or even how much seating (or lack of seating) is available.  I know that food is probably the greatest motivation for hanging out in the kitchen. But I think another lesser considered reason is the volume level of other rooms.  The living room, for example, always seems to have either something on TV or music playing.  The kitchen allows the game (or whatever is on) to be occasionally glimpsed and music to be overheard, but the focus remains on the conversation.  Tonight, we were watching the game in our friends’ basement.  And while there isn’t a kitchen down there, the bar resembled the kitchen setting just enough to make it become the hang out.  We could still see and hear the game while catching up with good friends.  Of course, that is also where the food and beer was. And while hanging out in the kitchen is nothing new, it was interesting to me that today without a true kitchen, we gravitated towards the closest thing. Thanks to Brad and Michaelene for having us over today!

Perennial Fantastic Voyage

Coolio would be ecstatic if he was able to try this beer.  Perennial added coconut to a milk stout for this delicious concoction.  The chocolate flavor is the most prominent, followed by the smooth, creamy texture that is commonly found in milk stouts.  And right at the end, when I had given up all hope for a taste of coconut, it gloriously appeared to sweeten the final flavor left in my mouth.  This thick, creamy beer pours almost black.  But at only 8.8%, the booziness is almost non-existent.  I adore this beer.  Perennial suggests cellaring this beer.  I am so happy that Steve bought 2.  I can’t wait to have another.  I am a little nervous that cellaring will tamper down some of the coconut flavor though, so maybe we will have to drink it sooner rather than later, which is completely fine with me.

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