Hair of the Dog Fred – Day 31

Tonight, we went to the Indians game.  I know that they are terrible, but it is still fun to sit outside on a gorgeous night and enjoy a game of baseball.  As part of our shared season ticket package, of which we have 5 games, we get to watch one game in a suite each year.  Tonight was that night.

In the fifth inning or so, a pop fly was headed for the suite next to us.  The guy standing nearest to the rail held up his hand as if to catch the ball.  At the last second, for some reason unbeknownst to anyone, he pulled his hand away.  The ball bounced off his chest and onto the floor, from which he picked it up.  You would think this guy made a diving catch that would guarantee him a spot of Web Gems later.   Pictures were taken with him alone, with him and the ball, with him and the people he was with. The story was told multiple times, demonstrated with exaggeration over and over, and expanded upon until almost legendary.    There was even a proud comment by the guy that he had been holding his beer and hadn’t spilled a drop.  Mind you, the beer was in a can so that would have been pretty difficult to do.  Meanwhile two other fans had actually caught and held on to balls without as much fanfare and bravado.

Am I making fun of this guy and his supposed 15 seconds of fame?  I probably shouldn’t be, but yes I am.  He didn’t even catch the ball.  It hit him in the chest.  Technically, he picked up a ball.  I can do that.  How come nobody has taken a picture or made a big deal of me picking up a ball before?  I’m sad.  The next time I pick up a ball, or get hit by one, someone better care to hear my story.

Hair of the Dog Fred


Yeah, this is strong.  Fred is a 10% Golden Strong Ale.  According to Hair of the Dog, there is rye malt and 10 different hops involved in the brewing process of Fred.  What do I taste?  Booze and sugar.  Fred is a thick, syrupy golden ale.  I don’t really get rye or a ton of hops.  The sugar/syrup sweet flavor is the one I get the most, followed by an almost overwhelming booziness.  I’m not going to let it warm up, as usually that means that the booze will become even more pronounced.  I know that Hair of the Dog promotes aging their beer.  I’m guessing this one needs that age in order to calm it down a bit.  Aging will take both the booziness and the sugary, sticky, sweetness to a more palatable level.  It’s really too bad because I absolutely adored Fred.  I was expecting something just as special, but I don’t feel like I got it with Fred.  I might try a well-aged one in the future, but I certainly won’t have another Fred that is only 1 year old.  It needs more time.




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