Firestone Walker Wookey Jack – Day 50

Today is National Talk Like a Pirate Day!  If you are interested in playing, even though it is almost over, there are tons of fun things to do and see at  This morning, I found out my pirate name and my pirate ship’s name.  You can refer to me from henceforth as Captain Grace Rackham of Poseidon’s Barnacle.  It is also National Women Road Warrior Day (I’m not really sure what this means) and Saint Christopher and Nevis’s Independence Day (Congratulations to them!).

It seems like there are holidays for everything these days.  And the two websites provided here are the best places to find them.  Chase’s Calendar of Events has been publishing calendar dates and important events since 1957.  The original book was 32 pages in length with about 365 entries.  Today the book has around 750 pages in it with over 12,000 entries.  It is also now available as an online reference tool at  The other site that I often use is not nearly as sophisticated, but much more fun.  Brownielocks and the 3 Bears also provides lists of events and holidays.  And while Elephant Appreciation Day is listed on both sites as being celebrated on September 22, Brownielocks is the only site that also lists the 22nd as National White Chocolate Day.  Chase’s tends to list anniversaries of events and celebrity birthdays, while Brownielocks sticks with “holidays.”  I also found Chase’s site to be semi-difficult to navigate.  Brownielocks is very user-friendly.  So, if you need to know when Corn Dog Day is (March 20) or how to celebrate National Punctuation Day on September 24, these are the sites for you.  Have fun!  Don’t forget to send me a rat on my birthday, which happens to fall on National Rat Day.

Firestone Walker Wookey Jack

This is the first black IPA that Firestone Walker has attempted.  They chose to make this an unfiltered rye IPA, which was definitely a great choice.  The flavor of this beer is pretty complex.  It starts by giving off a hint of citrus hop bite both in the nose and the flavor and then turns into a toasty rye sharpness that lingers for a good amount of time.  I’ve been drinking a lot of stouts and pumpkin beers lately.  Having an IPA of this quality after all of those beers reminds me why I love refreshing IPAs and how different beer styles truly are.  Firestone Walker’s website suggests drinking their beers within 120 days of the bottled on date.  Unfortunately there was no bottled on date on our beer.  We were a bit worried since we purchased this particular bottle in June during our trip to Paso Robles.  Although since we bought it from the store shortly after it had been brewed, we are most likely still within that 120 day limit.  To be honest, this beer tastes great and still has a sharp, clean hop bite. So even if was older than 120 days, it certainly doesn’t taste like it.  If you ever have the chance to purchase Firestone Walker beers, give Wookey Jack a shot.  It isn’t their best beer (mostly because they have so many amazing ones – Velvet Merlin, DDBA, Double Jack, Parabola, etc.), but it a good one and a must try if you enjoy black IPAs or rye IPAs.

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