Dogfish Head Fort – Day 35

Today is the first long night in a week of long nights.  I got home a little after 9:00 tonight.  Thursday will be similar. On Friday, I may not get home until after 10:00.  I hate when I have weeks like this.  I would much rather have one long night a week for the entire month, than an entire week of late nights and then 3 weeks off.  I don’t eat, I can’t exercise, and I just want to go to bed when I get home.

So when I got home tonight, Steve suggested we open our bottle of Fort.  I believe his exact comment was, “Let’s go Big.”  As he is always taking care of me, my guess is that he wants me to sleep well (or pass out on the couch).  If you don’t know, Fort is an 18% ABV raspberry ale.  That is not a typo.   18%??  That is a huge amount for a beer.  A friend of ours picked us one up in Chicago since technically it is illegal to sell anything over 12% in Ohio.

Dogfish Head Fort

Dogfish claims that over 1 ton of raspberries was used in the creation of this beer.  They also say that since it is 18%, it could be/should be aged for years before consumption.  On Beer Advocate, there is a large disagreement over the quality of this beer.  I believe in large part that has to do with the age.  Ours is about a year old.  The first sip was of raspberries.  The second sip, and all thereafter, were of booze.  Raspberry booze…but booze all the same.  As a person who normally enjoys my beer room temperature so that the real/true flavor can come out, this is way overpowering.  I haven’t come close to finishing mine and I can definitely feel it (although I did not eat a lot today – stupid late night meeting).  I am glad that I tried this, but won’t drink another one unless it has been aged for at least 2 years.  It doesn’t taste like beer as much as it tastes like wine.   If you have one, let it age.  If you buy one, let it age.  If you don’t happen to have one in your lifetime, that is okay too.  There are better fruit beers on the market.  Try one of those.

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  • Chelsea D

    Enjoying this. Heavy beer, definitely doesn’t hide the abv. I recommend hunting down new glarus raspberry if you enjoy this.

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