Cantillon Fou’ Foune

Fruit Lambic – 5%% ABV, ? IBUs
Fou' Foune

One of my favorite beers on the planet!

Certain beers bring back memories for me every time I drink them.  This particular Cantillon brings back memories of the first time I tried it, sitting on the patio at the Beer Engine in Lakewood back in 2009 (thank you Jason Presser) and again when my wonderful husband proposed later that year.  It is one of my favorite beers of all time.  There are a ton of beers out there that I love, but this is one of those beers that I can’t get enough of.  This Lambic style of beer is not for the faint of heart.   It’s pretty sour with a hint of sweetness from the apricots.  The awesome thing about this beer is doesn’t just have fruit puree added, whole apricots are tossed into the barrels while it ages.

Fou’ Foune is peachy orange with a hint of gold around the edges.  The smell is full of apricot and citrus with some funk.  It is not sweet smelling, but natural and earthy.  It doesn’t smell like a fruit bomb, but there are definitely notes of apricot in the nose.   The mouthfeel is great.  There is a ton of effervescence.  The taste is amazing.  It’s definitely sour, no doubt about it.  What makes this and other Cantillon lambics so awesome is the contrasting flavors of sour, funk and sweet.  The apricot makes this beer more palatable then some other sour beers I have tried.  The reason it’s one of my favorite beers is because of the depth of flavor and whole fruit added to the barrel.   It’s too bad Cantillons are getting harder and harder to find on the shelves.  If you happen to come across a Cantillon in your beer travels pick it up and try it.  Even if you aren’t a sour head give it a shot and make some beer memories of your own.

Overall Rating: 10/1010
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