Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout – Day 59

I have guilty pleasures.  I know that you do too.  Today, I am going to list some of mine.  Let’s begin by defining a guilty pleasure.

In my opinion, a guilty pleasure is something that you enjoy that others will think less of you if they knew.  It is something enjoyed in the private of your own home or vehicle.  If you share your guilty pleasure with others, it is highly possible you will become the butt of all jokes for the remainder of the evening.  And yet, I am going to share mine with you.


Rick Astley’s Never Gonna Give You Up – This is one of my favorites to play at a bar or dance to in my car.

Royce da 5’9 Security - In no way shape or form am I now or will ever be a “g”

Collin Raye Love, Me – Country isn’t my thing, but this song makes me think of my grandparents and cry


Mannequin – C’mon.  A mannequin that comes to life and falls in love with Andrew McCarthy; great movie concept

Three Amigos – “Are you the singing bush?”

Hot Tub Time Machine – Stupid, ridiculous, hilarious, 80′s references, yay!

Miss Congeniality – No idea why I love this sappy chick flick, but I can’t stop watching it if it is on TV


Survivor – I may be one of the 15 people still watching this show


Big Mac – I haven’t had a Big Mac since we watched Super Size Me 7 years ago.  But I love me some Big Mac.  Yum!

Don’t judge.  You have guilty pleasures of your own.  Are you brave enough to post them?

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

Today we cracked open a Winter 10-11 Black Chocolate Stout by Brooklyn Brewery.  Unlike coffee beers, chocolate beers tend to keep their original flavor when aged.  This one is no different.  The chocolate is definitely present, as well as the booze.  However, the most recognizable flavor comes on the end and lingers for quite a while.  Good thing that flavor is vanilla.  This is a very dark sweet beer.  I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys either chocolate or vanilla.  It isn’t overly heavy like some stouts, or thick.  It is actually really drinkable, considering it comes in at 10%.  I think maybe we will crack open another.  Perhaps a 2012 this time.  Cheers!


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