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Best Pilsner yet!

Yes, I am reviewing another pilsner in my quest to appreciate a style I don’t care for much.  Victory’s Braumeister Pils is an unfiltered Pilsner.  The color is bright, yellow, hazy straw and gold.  There is very nice lacing on the glass.  It’s very promising so far.  The smell is Pilsner malt, sweet cracker and a touch of grain with some bread sweetness to top it off.  The mouthfeel is wonderful.  There are tons of bubbles, it’s light and dry.  Braumeister Pils is very dry and refreshing!  I taste the Pilsen malt and grain to begin with.  There is definitely a touch of sweetness and a hint of floral from the hops.  I would say this beer is mild to moderate in bitterness, but it dries out fairly quickly so the hop bitterness doesn’t linger.

Overall, this is an awesome Pilsner.  There is a huge depth of flavor and it’s very complex for the style.  I think I found a winner in my quest for a Pilsner that I can drink and enjoy thoroughly.  This one was very clean, but still had depth in flavor.   The Pilsner style is one of the harder beers to brew well and Victory has done an amazing job with this!  I can absolutely say I would order this again and enjoy every sip!!! Bravo Victory, Bravo!!!

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