Super India Pale Ale Collaboration – Day 17

Collaboration beers are an interesting thing.  They can be created in a variety of ways.  Sometimes recipes are shared/developed between breweries and the resulting beer is brewed at each location, thus making a slightly different taste depending on where it was brewed.  Saison du Buff is one example of this kind of collaboration. Victory, Stone, and Dogfish Head all brewed this beer at their own facilities.  I haven’t tried this year’s version yet, but Dogfish Head was the best out of the 3 last year.  Then there are beers that are created in one brewery but have been made with the assistance of other brewers.  Super India Pale Ale is such a beer.  Alpine and New Belgium created this IPA, however it will only be brewed and bottled at New Belgium as part of their Lips of Faith series.

Alpine Beer Company in Alpine, California is my desert island brewery.  I love the west coast hops that are predominately used in their beers.  Most of Alpine’s beers have a sharp, crisp, clean, bite and many of them end on a citrus note, which as you’ve noticed by now, makes me happy.   So, when I heard about this beer and Steve saw it offered online, I forced him to buy one for me.  (Since he’s such a wonderful husband, he bought 2).

Super India Pale Ale Collaboration (New Belgium Lips of Faith & Alpine Beer Company)

I will begin by saying that this is not reminiscent of an Alpine beer, which is a bit disappointing.  Instead, Super is a bit creamy and resiny, probably from the Simcoe hops.  There isn’t a clean, crisp bite at the end.  I’ve never used the term oily to describe a beer before, but it fits in this situation.  As it got warmer, the creaminess came out more.  The flavor was a cross between piney and floral.  The colder it was, the more floral taste I got.  The resinous flavor came out as it warmed.  Overall, Super is a good beer.  I rated it a 4-capper.  But it definitely isn’t an Alpine.

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