Stone 16th Anniversary Ale – Day 18

Many breweries have anniversary ales.  Weyerbacher just released its Seventeen, Firestone Walker will be releasing it’s XVI at the Great American Beer Festival, and Ithaca Excelsior! Fourteen came out in April.  Those are just a few of the many. Some breweries began making anniversary beers at a significant date, such as their 10th anniversary.  Others have been making it since they opened, or pretty darn close.

Stone began making anniversary ales for their 2nd anniversary. There isn’t a single review available for the 2nd anniversary ale (that I could find anyway).  The only reason I know it exists is because it is listed on Stone’s website.  There isn’t even any information about what type of beer that it was.  However, 3 – 5 were India Pale Ales, so I’m going to take a guess that 2 was the same style.  Stone hasn’t always used IPAs as their anniversary beer.  There is a brown ale, a porter, a pale ale, a stout, a couple of strong ales, a couple of black ales, and a couple of DIPAs, including this year’s anniversary beer.

Stone used rye malt and lemon verbena in the brewing of this beer. I can’t wait to try it!

Stone 16th Anniversary IPA

Wow!  Hoppy doesn’t even begin to describe this beer.  The lemon is prevalent, especially as the hop bite disappears.  I can also taste the rye malt.  Steve thinks it may be hoppier than Ruination, but I am terrible at discerning that unless I’m drinking beer side by side.  It is a hop destroyer though, although the IBUs are listed at 85.  I really enjoy it.  I’m glad it comes in a 22oz bottle so that I can have more than one glass.  This beer would be great to have on a hot summer day, sitting on the patio.  Mind you, it is 10%, so you couldn’t have too many…and it certainly isn’t an easy drinker.  But lemon always makes me think of a beautiful summer day.  Much like today was.  Too bad I didn’t have the opportunity to have this beer earlier in the day, instead of 10PM.

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