New Holland Black Hatter – Day 12

My Grandpa always told me that to cure a hangover I needed the “hair of the dog.”  And while I wish I would have actually had a beer from the Hair of the Dog Brewing Company out of Portland, I do have to agree with my grandfather.  Drinking a beer truly helped settle my  disaster of a stomach after last night’s delicious ridiculousness.

At our regular Sunday drinking establishment, I viewed the beer menu with a bit of fear and trepidation.  I wanted something light, not too hoppy, not too thick, not too anything really.  I wasn’t sure what my stomach would be able to take.  One of the lower ABV beers on tap was the Black Hatter by New Holland.

New Holland is the brains behind the Hatter series.  Starting with Mad Hatter, an IPA, New Holland continues to produce variations and now has 7 choices, including Rye Hatter, Imperial Hatter, White Hatter, Oak-Aged Hatter, Farmhouse Hatter and Black Hatter which is the Black IPA in the series.

New Holland Black Hatter

I wasn’t looking for an amazing beer when I ordered Black Hatter.  I was really looking for something that would be relatively easy to drink, both in flavor, finish, and ABV.  I found that in this black IPA.  Don’t take that the wrong way.  I’m not saying that Black Hatter wasn’t decent.  I believe I gave it 3 caps (in my system that means okay, would drink again).  It was honestly just what I needed.  The hop bite was present, although minimal.    The thinness of the beer made it an easy sipper.  I didn’t notice any flavor  change as the beer warmed. I would probably recommend this beer to someone who hasn’t had a black IPA before or someone who wasn’t into overly hoppy beers.  It could work as a gateway for some, in my  opinion.  For me, I believe that it worked as my ”hair of the dog.”  (Either that or the huge chorizo burrito that I devoured).

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