Hair of the Dog Adam – Day 13

Yesterday’s post made me want to try a beer from Hair of the Dog Brewing Company in Portland.  We fortunately had 2 bottles in our fridge just waiting to be opened and enjoyed.  I chose to try Adam, which is a 10% old-world ale.

Hair of the Dog experiments with bottle conditioning in many of their beers.  Bottle conditioning allows the beer to re-ferment in the bottle by adding yeast.  Why, you might ask?  So that the beer can age well.  Hair of the Dog wants their beers to be cellared and sampled as they age.  They suggest waiting a few years before drinking.  A vintage finder is offered on the Hair of the dog website.  On each bottle of Adam there is a batch number.   You can use their handy guide to determine when your beer was brewed and when it was bottled.  The beer that we had tonight was bottled almost one year ago. While we probably could have let it age more, we can’t find this beer in our area and we only had 1 bottle.  I really wanted to try it, thus, we cracked it open.

Hair of the Dog Adam

Adam states on its label that the flavor will have hints of chocolate, smoke, leather, and fig.  After pouring a thick, chewy brown with a massive amount of head, my first sip was all smoke and leather.  In fact, so much so, that I wasn’t sure if I would want to continue drinking it.  But as it warmed up the chocolate really came out.  It was definitely a bittersweet dark chocolate flavor though, as opposed to anything sweet.  I really wanted either some S’mores or raspberries to go with this beer.  It also might go well in a cake or brownies, now that I think about it.  I bet I could reduce it into a great dessert sauce.  But I digress.  Overall, Adam is a really good beer, rich in flavor, thick in texture, and smooth on the palate.  I would absolutely love to have another someday.  Now I want to try one that has been aged.  And there is the dilemma with beer.  To drink now, or later…that is the question.  Tonight, the answer was now and it was well-worth the decision.








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    I’ve bought 2 cases of Adam around Christmas time (2012) and it’s already down to 1 case. It’s tough to let the beer age as it tasted so good.

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