Founders Devil Dancer – Day 20

Devil Dancer is a Triple IPA.  What does that mean in layman’s terms?  This beer will blow you away from all sides.  A 12% ABV beer with 112 IBUs.  Need I say more?


Founders Devil Dancer

Over a year ago, I tried this beer for the first time.  I only had two words to describe the taste…”liquid marijuana.”  The massive hoppy bite and the huge malt presence just seem to taste that way to me.  Not that I’ve ever had liquid marijuana, nor that it even exists.  I’m just guessing. It smells as if you just pulled the hops off the vine and crushed them into dust before throwing them into a glass.  This is a huge beer that you can’t chug (although I know someone who did once…bad idea) and can’t drink too many of.  It is a beer that you have to try although some probably won’t enjoy it.  I can drink about half of a bottle before I give up.  It doesn’t taste bad.  It just causes sensory overload for my mouth and nose.  If you see it in the bottle or on tap, give it a shot (available in July, so you probably won’t find it around until next year) .  Let me know what you think.  I’m curious as to whether or not you enjoy it, can drink more than one, and what your descriptive terms are.

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