Firestone Walker Double Jack – Day 8

I had a terrible day today.  Work was depressing, my allergies were acting up, something is wrong with the brakes in my car, I didn’t have what I needed to run an errand (which I didn’t realize until I was already there), and to top all of that off, I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before.  I don’t about you, but when I am over-tired, things often seem worse and can build up to push me over the edge pretty quickly.  Consequently, as I was driving home from work today trying to figure out what terrible noise my car was making and whether I would even make it home, it all came crashing down.  And I began to cry.

You don’t want to hear about me crying, and frankly, I don’t want to tell you.  Here is where my entry changes.  Some of you will read what I am about to write and know exactly how I feel.  You will probably stop reading and take an action (give a hug, make a phone call, rub a back, etc.)  For those of you will read what I write and not understand the feeling, I just hope that someday you do.

My husband is the calming force in my life.  He is exactly what I need when I am sad, stressed, or angry.  One word or one touch can take me from 20 – 0 in an instant.  He is also the main cause of my joy, laughter, passion, and contentment.  I have no idea how I was so lucky to find him or how stars aligned to bring us together 9 years ago.  (I won’t go into our story here.  If you know us, I’m sure you’ve heard it, as it is entertaining to say the least).  We are “that couple” who still holds hands in the car, kisses in public, and enjoys each others company all of the time.  We are constantly touching, whether we are on opposite couches, sitting at a bar, or walking past each other. Thankfully, Steve called me when I was on the verge of my breakdown today and just talking to him and knowing that he loves me made everything else seem petty.  He truly is the love of my life.

For Steve and everything he does for me, today I will be drinking one of his favorite beers, Firestone Walker Double Jack.

Firestone Walker Double Jack

Double Jack is Firestone Walker’s first attempt at an Imperial IPA.  This is definitely a walk-off home run.  Double Jack, when fresh, is hugely aggressive with its hop bite.  Tons of citrus hops help make it go down a bit more easy for me.  I can always take a citrus hop bite over a piney one.  And while there is also an initial piney hop taste, it disappears rather quickly to be replaced by some maltiness.  However, that also quickly disappears and you are left with a lingering citrus kick.  As with many Double IPAs, the hops and malts are pretty heavy-handed, which balances this beer out, and makes it a must-try for any IPA lover.  I know without a doubt why this is Steve’s favorite IPA.


Cheers baby.  I love you!

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