Epic Fermentation Without Representation – Day 28

As I was driving home today, the weather was gorgeous.  The sun was out, the sky was that deep blue that only comes in autumn.  The wind was blowing and the temperature was a perfect mid-70′s.  I was craving a pumpkin beer.

And while I thought this beer should be saved until Constitution Day, September 17, it was the sole pumpkin choice in the refrigerator.  So after I mowed the lawn, which took forever since it was way too long and way too wet and kept clogging up the mower.  And after I went for a run, we cracked open the bottle.

Epic Fermentation Without Representation

This is one of the few pumpkin porters available when pumpkin beers are released.  There are tons of Pumpkin Ales on the market.  Many are good, but there are some similar threads in taste between all of them. So a pumpkin porter is a twist on the same ol’ that fills the shelves at this time of year.

Tonight’s review is from Batch #3 brewed and bottled in October 2011.  Epic claims that there should be vanilla bean, chocolate, and marshmallow flavorings, but I don’t really get any of that, even as the beer warms.

Last year’s Fermentation (I mean the one that I sampled last year – I don’t know which batch number it was unfortunately) was fantastic in my opinion.  The pumpkin came out at the end and the toasted caramel notes also came through.  As a dark beer, there is of course, a thicker texture to this beer and a sweet balance from the malt.  This year’s Fermentation is less pumpkiny.  I get a creaminess at the end and a hint of pumpkin.  The spices that you associate with pumpkins (cinnamon, clove) are there, but that is really it for flavor.  It’s still yummy and a good change from a pumpkin ale.  I just wish that I had last year’s version to review.  Grab a bottle and save it for that fall day when you are tired of pumpkin ales but still want the flavor of one, or a colder autumn night when you want a porter and the pumpkin just comes along for the ride.

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