Eagle Rock Populist – Day 22

As a woman who loves beer and wants other women to also enjoy beer, I love what Eagle Rock Brewery is doing. In 2009, a husband, wife, and father team opened up Eagle Rock in Los Angeles.  Ting Su, the co-founder has since started a woman’s forum that meets monthly to drink and talk about beer.  I was excited to read about this aspect of the brewery.  Craft beer is a booming industry and women need to be involved.  I wish I lived near LA to be a part of this forum on a monthly basis.  If you live near LA, make sure that you stay current on their website to learn about the dates and times of each forum.  If you don’t, check to see if there is a Girls Pint Out chapter in your area.  Girls Pint Out is a national organization helping women become active in the craft beer community. While there aren’t that many chapters around yet, the organization was founded in 2010 and is growing.  If there isn’t one in your area, consider starting one.


Eagle Rock Populist

This is Eagle Rock’s first attempt at an IPA and they did it right.  The west coast hops don’t overpower your palate.  Instead, an orangey flavor, followed by a pine hop bite really brightens up this beer.   I would highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t normally prefer boldly hopped IPAs or even those that do.  The warmer it gets, the more the orange comes out and lingers.  There is still the crisp, clean hoppiness that you would expect in a west-coast IPA with the addition of a citrus, sweet, aftertaste.  Wow!  I think I’m in love.  I now need a hot, summer day to drink this.  Too bad that it is August in Cleveland and I won’t be seeing any of those until next year.  I’ll just have to find a way to get more of this beer earlier in summer 2013.  I want to say more, as this beer has blown me away.  But how many ways are there to say, “amazing?”  I don’t know.  However many ways there are, just know that is how many times I have said it.  If you live in LA, get this beer now.  If you don’t, find one for sale or trade and do whatever you need to get one.  Yum!

*Thanks Josh for the delicious trade.


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