Duvel Belgian Strong Ale

Kishimoto Duvel Glass

This glass is amazing!

The color of this beer is gold and hazy straw.  There is an amazing billowing head and awesome lacing that sticks to the kick-ass Eley Kishimoto Duvel glass I got at the Winking Lizard this past fall.  Not to get of topic from the delicious brew, but if you get a chance next year, do the mini Duvel tour for the glasses, the beauty of the art of this fine glassware is spectacular!  Continuing on, it smells like Belgian yeast and there is a touch of sweetness in the nose from the malt.  There is also a hint of orange peel and coriander.  Once this beer warms up a little bit there is a slight bubblegum smell as well.  This beer has a very lively mouthfeel, it’s very carbonated and active.  It has a light to medium body.

The taste of this classic brew is sweet, yeast and bitter alcohol.  The sweetness is definitely not over the top.  It’s clean, crisp and has a touch of earthiness.  There are some yeasty esters and a touch of spice and slight bitterness.  It doesn’t drink like an 8.5% ABV but there is a noticeable alcohol taste in the finish.

This is the quintessential strong golden ale in my opinion.  We have a beer here that defined a new style.  Before this there was no Belgian Strong Golden Ale as far as I’m concerned.   I am glad they thought outside the box on this one because this is one stellar beer.  This is a classic that I will never tire of.

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