Dogfish Head Burton Baton – Day 2

Today is IPA Day!  Do you know what that means?  It means I get to drink an IPA.  Ha ha ha!  I prefer IPAs anyway, so many days for me are IPA Days.

However, because it is IPA Day, some of my favorite local establishments are running some great tap handles, including one of my favorites (for nostalgic reasons) – Burton Baton.

I was really into craft beer for about 8 months and I still couldn’t choke down an IPA.  Steve kept trying.  Every time he had a glass, he would shove it my way and beg me to take a sip.  I always complied, but just couldn’t get past the bitterness and bite.  That is until I tried Burton Baton.

Burton Baton just seemed to go down smoother.  The bite was there, but it was quickly replaced with a malty balance.  It was simply a fresh and clean beer that I really enjoyed.  I think I had 2 or 3 my first night, which is dangerous, as it comes in at a whopping 10% ABV.  Burton Baton is made by blending an Imperial IPA and an English old ale.  The mixture is then aged in oak tanks.  Dogfish Head calls this beer a “gentle giant” and it truly is.

But what this beer did for me was it allowed me to find my way into the hops arena.  Not only did I realize that IPAs could be smooth, but that I really enjoyed the citrus hop flavor, as opposed to piney.  I still prefer the citra-hop to this day!

I will always order a Burton Baton if I see one on tap at a bar.  It may not be my favorite anymore, but it was a gateway into hops and it has a place of honor in my heart.

So, for my 2nd beer, and in honor of IPA Day, I will be drinking a Burton Baton.

*Update – I sometimes forget how much I like this beer.  Drinking it again just reminded me of all of those reasons.  I also tend to forget (every time) that it is a 10%.  Burton Baton starts off with a hoppy bite and almost immediately mellows out from all of the maltiness.  If you are not a fan of IPAs normally, I definitely recommend giving this one a try.  The lingering bite that used to turn me off and the piney hop sting simply aren’t found in this beer.  I will warn you that sometimes the bottle flavor is different from the tap flavor.  This year, I had my Burton Baton on tap.




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