Crabtree Peachtree Cezanne Saison – Day 29

Sometimes, no matter how hard you search, there is no information available on the internet.  This beer falls into that category.  On the  Crabtree website, the only Cezanne series beer with information is their Orange Blossom.  There are no ratings of a Peachtree Saison on Beer Advocate.  Rate Beer has 5 ratings, but I’m not sure which version any of them sampled, as it isn’t listed.  When I searched for images, the only images that are found are for the Peachtree aged in Zinfandel barrels.  Our bottle was aged in Pinot Noir barrels according to the label.  Actually, the label states that there are four versions available.  I wish I knew what they were.

Farmhouse funk is a flavor that your palate has to appreciate.  If you’ve never had it, don’t be scared.  Your beer may smell a bit like a barn, but that is how it is supposed to smell.  And it may taste funky (there really is no other word to describe it), but that is also the point.  It isn’t a drain pour.  It hasn’t gone bad.  It just takes a certain kind of palate to enjoy it.

Crabtree Peachtree Cezanne Saison

Crabtree went for the Belgian Farmhouse Ale style in this beer.  The barnyard smell and funky flavor are present and overtake the beer.  I barely get any peach.  In addition to funk, the end flavoring is a wine-booziness.  I have never tasted this much wine in a beer before.  It is very interesting.  The carbonation and continual foaminess from that keeps the beer bubbling in your mouth with each sip.  That makes it seem thicker than it is.  I was expecting more peaches, since one bushel of peaches was added to the pinot noir barrels as it aged for 6 months.  (One bushel of peaches = about 50 pounds!!! In EACH barrel!!!)  To me, it seems like I should be getting some more peach flavoring.  If I really try to taste for it, I can sort of taste peaches.  There is definitely sweetness, but I’m not sure I could pick out peach if I didn’t know.  It is a decent beer if you like Belgian Farmhouses.  If you do, try this one or another one in the series, maybe the Zinfandel.  Just don’t assume that the peach flavor will knock you out.  Maybe it will be more present after being aged in a different style of wine barrel.

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