2nd Shift Unicorn Killer UK III – Day 23

Today was a really long day.  It started with a meeting at 8:00 AM and ended with a chicken coop dedication that was over at 7:00 PM.  I really didn’t have time to eat all day, although my loving husband had Subway for me when I got home.  So, I didn’t want a big beer that would sit in my stomach all night.  I also didn’t want a huge ABV beer for the same reason.

In the refrigerator was Unicorn Killer UKIII by 2nd Shift Brewery.  What an interesting website they have!  Go and check it out immediately.  Sadly there isn’t a lot of information about this beer, or any of their beers for that matter.  And this particular version hasn’t been rated on Beer Advocate.  35 other people have sipped this according to Untappd.  And while I don’t always enter the year or version number on Untappd when checking in a beer, it is necessary in this case because the UKII version was brewed with another brewery and a different recipe.

Back to the website, there are gross pictures of stomachs and livers (although funny) and even a picture of an inner ear which is referred to as an earball.  I love it.  In fact, I want to meet these brewers and tour the brewery just because I know they will make me laugh.  This is my kind of weird humor.

2nd Shift Unicorn Killer UKIII

Farmhouse ales are a nice light beer for a warm day.  They are often low in ABV, unfiltered, and a bit funky, reminiscent of a Belgian.  While I don’t necessarily prefer this style, that is because some are not well made or semi-flavorless.  I like my beer to have a good deal of flavor, otherwise there is no reason for drinking it.  This Farmhouse doesn’t disappoint.  It is huge in flavor.  There is a citrus undertone and a little funk that lingers.  Unicorn Killer is well-balanced.  It was a perfect choice for my long day.  Even though I am ready for bed, or at least a little comfy time on the couch, this beer has brought a smile to my face and a warmth to my belly.  Unicorn Killer is only available in Missouri, so try to get your hands on one if you can.  It’s a great feel-good beer.



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