Columbus Brewing – Bodhi

I am in love with this beer.  Being a huge fan of citrusy hops, I constantly order the Bodhi.  If it’s on tap, I’m getting it, pretty much without fail.   Bodhi is a DIPA, so I can’t really put it in the same category with the other IPAs that I review.  That would be like comparing Kelly Rowland to Beyonce.  While they were both in Destiny’s Child and Kelly on her own is a fine singer, there is just no comparison between the two and there probably shouldn’t be.  This beer does so much right.  That citrusy hop smell would be all I need and I could probably sniff this beer all day, but my  mouth instantly begins to water and there is no stopping me from consuming this beer.  Bodhi changes as I continue to drink it.  The initial sip when Bodhi is cold, right out of the refrigerator or tap handle, has a clean and crisp finish.  Then the sweetness appears from the double addition of malt, while the grapefruity citrus continues to be prevalent.  As it gets warmer, the crisp finish turns into an enjoyable bitter bite that lingers.  I can sum Bodhi up in four words, it simply, “makes my mouth happy.”

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