B. Nektar – Zombie Killer (Cherry Cyser)

I’m going to be honest.  I’m not normally a huge fan of mead.  Every time I think of mead, I envision large, hairy Vikings sloshing beer from huge silver mugs onto their trenchers of goat meat and into their beards.  Whether this is an accurate depiction or not, it is so clear in mind that I can hear their chanting above all else in the room.  Zombie Killer is not that kind of mead.

Zombie Killer is not thick and syrupy like many meads I’ve sampled.  Instead it semi-reminds me of cherry cola that I used to drink as a kid.  The effervescence certainly contributes to that reference.  The cherry flavoring has Zombie Killer finishing a bit tart, as opposed to that medicinal flavor that is so hard to keep out of cherry flavored things.  B.Nektar uses Michigan honey, cherries, and apple cider in their brewing process, which is probably why the cherry tastes real and the body isn’t too thick, as meads have a tendency to be.  This is a relatively dry beer, which of course, makes you want to continue drinking.  The good news, is that this beer is only 5.5% alcohol.  I wouldn’t recommend drinking more than one bottle or glass, because I have a feeling the cherry flavor could become a bit overpowering and the sweetness that is present could also begin to dominate the palate after a while

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