Terrapin Gamma Ray

Gamma Ray has been retired from the Terrapin Beer Company’s rotation.  If you can find one, they are still worth pulling out of a cellar and popping open.  The initial flavor is unique.  I
almost can’t place my finger on it.  There’s some hoppiness, but it turns to a kind of sweet aftertaste.  There is no carbonation so it seems kind of thick for a wheat beer.   As it got warmer, I initially began to taste the honey.  The hops totally went away and left me with a sweet, thicker beer which had me envisioning drinking straight from the honey bear jar.  As it continued to get warmer, you know I like my beers room temperature, it turned extremely boozy.  This is one beer that I did not enjoy the warmer it got.  It is worth trying, simply for the honey flavor and the experience, but it certainly wasn’t one of my favorites.

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