Founders Dirty Bastard

This beer is classified as a Scotch Ale.  Most scotch ales have a reddish hue and have a malty richness at the end.  Some of them are overly smoky or have a unique spice flavor that I think resembles weeds.  Most times, I don’t go for this type of beer.  Some are great and some are bad, but I don’t always want to take that chance.  Dirty Bastard is the best scotch ale that I’ve had the pleasure to sip and falls into the great category on the spectrum of scotch ales.  It is overly malty with what I identified as a toffee and boozy flavor.  There is a sharpness on the tip of the tongue right at the beginning.  As it warmed up, it got a bit sweeter, making me crave a cookie or other sweet dessert.

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