Three Floyds Jinx Proof

Dortmunder / Export Lager – 5.1% ABV, 35 IBUs
Three Floyds Jinx Proof Lager

Three Floyds Jinx Proof Lager Label

I love beer, but that doesn’t mean that I love every beer style out there.  Pilsners are one style I just can’t really get into.  I don’t know if it’s because of the Pilsner malt or just it seems boring to me.  But for the sake of reviewing I have opened my mind and palate and tried it.

The Jinx Proof is a “Dortmunder Lager” Pilsner style brew that comes in at a 5.1 ABV.  It’s clear gold with a touch of amber around the edges.  I would almost compare the color to a Budweiser or Miller, but it has a little more depth than that.  There was a ton of lacing on the glass which makes it look a lot more appetizing to me.

The mouthfeel of the beer is pleasant.  It’s not overly bubbly and in fact, I expected a little more effervescence.  The smell is malty with a touch of noble hops, but it’s not overly hoppy in the nose.  It also has a sweet smell which I am guessing comes from the malt profile.  Even though this is not one of my favorite styles I think it tastes pretty good.  There is a definite flowery noble hop taste present however it’s not at all bitter.  The sweetness of the malt is more pronounced then anything.  I almost think it might be a little too sweet for a Pilsner.  The finish is dry and clean which is great.  This is a pretty good beer.  For a beginner better beer drinker its a great gateway into craft beer itself.  It didn’t change my opinion about the Pilsner style, but  its a great beer to quaff and I may have another very soon.

Overall Rating: 7/107
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  • Jeff Goodby

    Respectfully, you are using lager and pilsner interchangeably. They’re not. Jinx is a lager, not a pilsner. And it’s a Dortmunder-style lager. So it’s exactly right for style…Dorts tend to be a little sweet and then have a drying, bitter finish. DAB is a good example of a German dort. So many American beer drinkers call these styles “beginner” which is pretty demeaning, considering they’re the major style for so many regions of Germany and the Czech Republic. Ales and lagers equally deserve respect, and are equally ‘craft’ brews when made by a craftsman.

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