Tallgrass Brewing Halcyon Wheat

American Pale Wheat Ale – 5% ABV, 20 IBUs
Tallgrass Halcyon Wheat

The Halcyon Wheat is great for a hot summer day

This beer was an awesome one to have on a hot summer afternoon.  The color is straw yellow and the center looks almost peachy.  It’s an unfiltered wheat beer, so it’s hazy.  Surprisingly, even though I poured it with a bit of force, the head isn’t huge – but it is definitely present.  There is a ton of lace left on the glass as I make progress.  Halcyon smells like hops, with citrus notes and wheat aromas.  The smell is awesome and I couldn’t wait to take a sip and quench my thirst.

It tastes extremely good – since it’s a can I even imagine this would be great for a picnic, sports event or even (watching my husband) cutting the grass!  But this is not just a wheat beer, there are definitely hops present – that’s the signature of an American Pale Wheat Ale.  I taste citrus from the hops and an earthy flavor from the yeast and wheat, with a bit of straw and breadiness.  The mouthfeel of this beer is outstanding and makes it even better to sip.  There is a lot of carbonation and a creamy heft which makes it feel full but refreshing.  It does hit a mild bitter peak, then there is a nice sweetness as it finishes with a bitter grapefruit, hoppy taste.

Overall, this is a fabulous American Wheat Beer.  The hoppiness is present but not overwhelming and to the casual beer drinker it shouldn’t be considered hop forward unless you are super sensitive to bitterness.  It’s an awesome beer for the hot, humid summer days we have here in Northeast Ohio and would probably be nice in the winter to reminisce about the sunshine.

Overall Rating: 8/108
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