Grado Plato Cantus Caeli

Beer/Mead/Wine Hybrid – 10.5% ABV, Unknown IBUs
Grado Plato Cantus Caeli Label

Grado Plato Cantus Caeli Beer-Wine-Mead Hybrid Label

Thanks to my neighborhood beer store I got to try this unusual beer.  I asked my very knowledgable bartender/beer store entrepreneur for a beer that didn’t really fit into a category.  He gave me a list and to be honest I chose this one because it seemed the most intriguing to me.  He told me that this beer (if you can even call it that I am not sure) is a combination of red wine, mead and beer all fermented together.  Interesting right?

This beer is crimson with honey edges, there is no haze and absolutely no lacing.  The smell is red wine, oak, vanilla and honey – the honey is particularly strong in the nose.  There is no carbonation at all.  It’s pretty much dead flat.  That doesn’t turn me off so much though.  The taste is totally unique.  The honey comes through a lot and it almost tastes like a mead (honey wine), but the oak is definitely present as well.  The finish is tart like a sour beer, but it finishes dry.  Its very complex and I love how the honey sticks to my lips each sip I take.

This beer is one of the more unique offerings I have had in awhile.  I was very surprised by the taste because I don’t normally think of Italy as a beer mecca in Europe.  But it appears the Italians are doing some experimenting over there and it seems to be working.   If you are in the mood for something outside the box, this beer will definitely satisfy.  It’s a strong one though so don’t get overzealous and drink too much at once.  Cantus Caeli is definitely a sipper – nice and slow is the way to go.

Overall Rating: 8/108
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